Rockstar called out for “trolling” fans with possible GTA 6 tease: “This year will be the year”

Brad Norton
GTA 5 gameplay

Rockstar Games has been called out for seemingly “trolling” the GTA community with what many have interpreted as a new GTA 6 teaser, one that hints 2023 is “the year everything finally comes together.”

We’re just a few months out from the 10th anniversary of GTA 5’s release. Believe it or not, we’ve almost gone a full decade without even so much as an official logo for the next installment.

Beyond mere confirmation that the game is in development, following some unprecedented gameplay leaks last year, devs at Rockstar has been tight-lipped on the sequel. From its setting to a possible release window, nothing has yet been nailed down, leaving millions of avid fans to speculate on every little detail.

Thus, with plenty left to reveal, fans have been hoping to gain a little clarity in 2023. Be it the first teaser trailer or perhaps even a gameplay deep dive, could we finally learn more about GTA 6 this calendar year? Well, if a new GTA Online update is any indication, many are now convinced the devs are “trolling” fans ahead of a grand unveiling.

GTA 5 gameplay
A timeframe for the release of GTA 6 still remains a mystery.

Is Rockstar “trolling” fans with GTA 6 teaser?

In typical Rockstar fashion, regular GTA Online blog posts often lean into the game’s satirical tone. Through one such recent update, however, many believe the specific phrasing used to promote a new Diamond Casino Podium vehicle, is just a little too quirky to not be teasing something bigger.

“Every year comes with the hopeful promise that this year will be the year everything finally comes together,” the text reads, possibly poking fun at fans that have been anxiously waiting for any scrap of news since 2013.

“Well, 2023 could be that year,” it continues, perhaps implying that a formal GTA 6 reveal is indeed locked in for the current year. Obviously, it’s open to interpretation, so do take it all with a grain of salt, but many are convinced this is Rockstar’s way of “trolling” the community.

“Dead giveaway that the announcement is gonna be this year?” one Reddit user questioned, kickstarting another wave of speculation online. “They can’t have wrote that without thinking about GTA 6,” the top response suggested.

For many, 2023 seems to be the year GTA 6 will finally be made real, beyond a few off-handed comments from 2K Games. Whether it’s a simple logo or a proper teaser trailer, a number of fans “genuinely believe we will get something this year.”

As a result, this GTA Online blog is seen by these diehard players as Rockstar just “straight up trolling,” as one fan put it.

It is worth noting, as we see in the accompanying graphic, this blog was from the very beginning of the year and obviously, now five months in, we’re yet to hear anything on GTA 6. So the window is slowly closing, but if Rockstar is to unveil its highly anticipated sequel this year, it’s sure to be a surprise til the very last moment.

Rest assured, we’ll keep you up to speed with all the latest GTA 6 developments here as new details surface.

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