Alleged GTA 6 actor keeps teasing fans amid official release window hint

Actor Bryan Zampella sat on beach in red shirt next to GTA 6 logoInstagram: Z_man_cometh

Bryan Zampella, the alleged actor for GTA 6’s Jason, won’t stop teasing fans about the game as Take-Two have finally revealed a released window for the game. 

For the longest time, details about GTA 6 were fairly thin on the game. All signs pointed to a return to Vice City, but there were different rumors about if it was going to be a modern-day setting or just a few years after the original game. 

Well, after massive leaks back in September, we finally got some answers. The game is set to be an up-to-date recreation of Vice City – and possibly other parts of Florida – with two protagonists, one male and one female. 

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The male character – called Jason – is seemingly being voiced by actor Bryan Zampella, and he won’t stop teasing fans about that fact on social media. 

Apparent GTA 6 actor can’t stop teasing fans

Over the last few months, Zampella has posted a few photos of him in GTA-like settings. Recently, he was pictured sitting underneath some palm trees in Miami, prompting fans to start asking questions about GTA 6.

Since then, the voice actor has taken the ball and run with it. Eagle-eyed GTA fans noticed that, as a part of his Instagram story, he uploaded a photo of himself on the beach in an outfit that is a pretty spot-on copy of the one seen in the gameplay leaks. 

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On top of that, he’s also been using classic Vice City songs – including Bryan Adam’s iconic hit Run To You – as well. 

These posts have intensified since Take-Two dropped their own hint about GTA 6’s release window, which has got fans bouncing with excitement yet again. 

Naturally, as GTA 6 hasn’t been announced, Zampella doesn’t have an acting credit against him related to the game yet. The biggest clue that he is actually involved is that he’s been pictured with former Rockstar employees who have praised his skills. 

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Though, we’ll just have to wait and see.

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