Rumored GTA 6 actor appears with GTA 5’s Franklin amid reveal speculation

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Bryan Zampella, the rumored voice actor for one of GTA  6’s main characters, posted an Instagram real that has GTA fans’ heads spinning. A number of seemingly cryptic inclusions have viewers certain a GTA 6 reveal is on the horizon.

Grand Theft Auto fans are desperate for any word on the state of GTA 6. So much so that they’ll storm a stage at Gamescom to demand some information.

There have been a ton of GTA 6 leaks to cling to dating all the way back to the initial hacks in 2022. Popular speculations include the inclusion of Joe Rogan and a potential serial killer storyline. But of yet, nothing has truly been verified.

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However, another recent development is now ramping up recent rumors of a reveal for GTA 6. Suspected voice actor for the game Bryan Zampella has posted a reel to his Instagram account that’s stoking suspicions.

The major aspect of the video, titled Dead Drop, that has fans talking, is the inclusion of Shawn Fonteno who voices Franklin in GTA 5. There’s also a direct mention of the date September 17 which was the release date for GTA 5 all the way back in 2013.

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The Reel shows Zampella as a gun for hire dressed in an unbuttoned shirt that wouldn’t look out of place in Vice City. He’s transporting a briefcase that contains “the most powerful and dangerous thing” he’s ever encountered.

At the end of the Reel he shows Fonteno’s character what’s inside but stops short of revealing it to the audience. “No doubt in my mind that GTA 6 is in that briefcase,” one user asserted in the comments.

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The mention of September 17 has fans in the Reels comments convinced that that is the scheduled reveal date for GTA 6. Fans on the game’s Subreddit are less convinced and told the user who posted their speculation there to “GTFOH”.

All we can do now is patiently twiddle our thumbs and see whether or not Rockstar gives us anything to talk about on September 17. Given there are no major gaming events on the day, we’re not holding our breath.

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