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Genshin Impact

Genshin Impact’s controversial Resin system to change in 1.1 update

Published: 23/Oct/2020 12:40

by James Busby


Genshin Impact’s Resin system continues to frustrate fans, but a new fix coming in the 1.1 update could change things for the better. 

MiHoYo has now outlined how they will be changing Genshin Impact’s Resin system in the game’s upcoming 1.1 update. Resin is used to obtain rewards from overworld bosses, enter Abyssal Domains, and secure rewards from Ley Line Blossoms. Players will naturally need to use Resin to farm materials in order to level up and ascend their characters. Of course, this process can naturally take a lot of Resin, especially when you need to obtain some of the game’s rare loot drops. 

As a result, Resin has remained a strong focal point for fans since the game’s release, but the developers have remained quiet on this matter. However, after sending out a recent player survey, it now looks like miHoYo will be acting on the Resin system complaints. The change might not be as big as most players would like, but it should at least help alleviate the issue with the current system. 

Problems with the current Resin system

Genshin Impact dungeon
Farming specific items from Domains can take a lot of Resin.

Genshin Impact’s current Resin system is capped at a maximum of 120 Resin and most bosses, Abyssal Domains, and Leyline Blossoms require 20/40 Resin. To make matters even worse, the Battle Pass requires players to also spend Resin to complete the game’s Weekly Missions and claim the BP rewards. This invariably means players must log in twice a day in order to spend the 150 Resin.

This wouldn’t be so bad if Original Resin didn’t replenish at a rate of 1 every 8 minutes. According to the Genshin Impact wiki, a full replenishment of 120 Original Resin would take a whopping 16 hours. This is a staggering amount of time when you consider how important farming resources are in the late-game. 

Genshin Impact Resin screen
Replenishing Resin can be a rather costly process if you’re not willing to wait.

As of writing, the only way players can replenish their Resin is via waiting real-world time or by using the game’s Fragile Resin and Primogems. While you will naturally acquire both these items as you level up and progress through the game, it’s often best to save your Primogems to grab yourself some new characters. Even if you do choose to use either of these rare items, you’ll only replenish 60 Resin depending on the amount consumed. 

For many Genshin Impact players, the current Resin system serves as a barrier to entry that greatly inhibits the game’s progression. In fact, many of those who have reached Adventure Rank 30+ have been forced to simply open treasure chests and do the game’s Daily Commissions to grab the materials they need to level up. Both of the above can be achieved in around 10 minutes of gameplay, which is neither fun nor befitting of an open-world game of its ilk. 

Resin system change

Genshin Impact Battle Pass
The Battle Pass Weekly Missions will be much easier to complete with the new Resin change.

After weeks of radio silence, it looks like miHoYo is finally willing to make some adjustments to the current Resin system – even if it is a rather minor one. The news comes via a recent Q&A where developers spoke in length about the upcoming 1.1 update changes. One of the main issues addressed here was that of the game’s controversial Resin system.

 “In Version 1.1, we have decreased the Original Resin requirement in Battle Pass Weekly Missions from 1,600 to 1,200, says miHoYo. “Furthermore, Travelers will be able to store up to a maximum of 160 Original Resin.”

It might not be a huge change and it will likely still disappoint a lot of late-game players, but it certainly helps alleviate the current pains that come with farming materials and levelling up the Battle Pass.  Additionally, this statement does demonstrate that miHoYo have been listening to player feedback, so we could see further Resin changes in the near future. 

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League of Legends

Riot dev responds to broken League damage bug with Ravenous Hydra

Published: 28/Nov/2020 18:15

by Daniel Cleary


A Riot Games developer has responded to a bizarre bug in League of Legends, which is preventing the Ravenous Hydra from working with certain champions’ abilities in-game.

Riot Games introduced plenty of changes in the 2021 preseason patch such as completely revamping the League Item Shop and items to improve the game’s experience before Season 11 kicks off.

Ravenous Hydra is one of the items that has remained in League, but it received some updated stats amid the changes. The item still provides players with lifesteal, in the form of Omnivamp, but Riot has now removed the Crescent Active and added 20 Ability Haste in its place.

However, one thing that has not changed much is the item’s passive ability Cleave, which allows basic attacks and abilities to trigger extra damage, which varies based on the distance between targets.

Urgot's splash artLeague players called for a Ravenous Hydra fix after a glitch was found with champions like Urgot.

There are some champions with abilities that had unique interactions with this item, such as Aphelios’ Severum Q, but players have now noticed a bug, which stops it from working correctly with certain champions.

The issue was raised with League dev Riot Phlox, with one Redditor explaining that champions with multi-hit abilities, like Urgots W, Renekton W, and Warwick’s Ult seem to be where the problem lies.

Riot Phlox responded to the bug, revealing that they are now aware of the unusual damage glitch with Ravenous Hydra and that it would be passed on to the League Dev team.

“I’ll pass this along so we can make sure there are eyes on it, thanks!” the League dev responded, confirming they would soon be working on it.

However, he also revealed that he was unsure just when a fix might be issued for this broken damage bug, adding that they “can’t give a timeframe.”

While it is unclear when the patch will arrive in League of Legends, this will still come as good news to Urgot mains, and those who play similar champs, after they were quite vocal on this issue, as it will soon allow them to have more build options in-game.