Genshin Impact “secretly” sent currency to streamers to get characters

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Genshin Impact devs have come under fire after a number of content creators have been given free Primogems. Here’s everything we know about the controversy. 

MiHoYo’s open-world game has proved to be one of the sleeper hits of 2020, pulling in millions of players from all over the world. Genshin Impact’s beautiful world is brimming with all kinds of colorful characters, unique quests, bloodthirsty bosses, and devastatingly powerful weapons. However, getting your hands on the game’s rarest five-star characters can prove incredibly difficult. 

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While Genshin Impact doesn’t require its players to spend a penny when it comes to playing through its ever-growing world, many often spend large sums to obtain the characters they want. This is down to the game’s Wish system, which requires players to spend in-game currency in order to get new units.

However, MiHoYo has now come under fire following a content creator only reward. 

Genshin Impact paid promotion

The controversy surrounding the paid promotion started when popular gacha Twitch streamer, Xlice opened his mailbox in Genshin Impact. It’s here where the streamer found that he had received two letters, each containing 1000 Primogems each. 

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The message reads “We would love to thank all Travellers for your continued support and assistance. Please take this gift as a token of Paimon’s gratitude.”

Xlice was rightfully very excited as it’s certainly not every day when you find 2000 Primogems in your mailbox. However, the streamer’s excitement quickly changed when he realized he wasn’t meant to read the message out on the stream. It was only until he looked down at the bottom of the message when found the following statement:

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“Please refrain from sharing the content of this message with anyone.”

It seems Xlice wasn’t the only Genshin Impact content creator who received this promotion as Twitch streamer Enviosity voiced his discomfort. “Wow, Paimon. Now, why would you send this when normally people open their mail on stream for the first time? That doesn’t make any sense.”

The streamer then goes on to ask his chat whether anyone else had received a similar in-game mail. However, it certainly looks like the 2000 Primogems were only made available for Genshin Impact content creators. 

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While this practice isn’t exactly uncommon, it has certainly riled up a lot of Genshin Impact fans who continue to support the game. MiHoYo has yet to address this controversy, so we’ll update this article if they make a statement. 

In the meantime, if you want to level up the rest of your Genshin Impact gameplay, then be sure to check out our other tips guides.

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