Genshin Impact players want Labyrinth Warriors event as a permanent end-game mode

Xinyan in a Genshin Impact DomainmiHoYo

Genshin Impact players have been calling for miHoYo to add better end-game content for a while, but the recent Labyrinth Warriors event could soon change this for the better. 

Genshin Impact’s lack of end-game content continues to be a huge focal point within the game’s community, particularly amongst high Adventure Rank travelers. In fact, once the main story and side quests have been completed, there’s very little to do in the world of Teyvat. 

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Currently, the main bulk of Genshin Impact’s end-game content is locked behind the Spiral Abyss and Artifact grinding. While these two areas can prove challenging, they’re hardly the most interesting features to delve into. However, the Version 2.2 update has brought with it a new event that has players hopeful for the future.

Genshin Impact fans praise Labyrinth Warriors event

Childe. Paimon and Xinyan in Genshin ImpactmiHoYo
The Labyrinth Warriors event has Genshin Impact fans hopeful.

The Labyrinth Warrior event tasks players with venturing into the Mystic Onmyou Chamber – a unique Domain that hides many perils within it. Aside from the usual enemies, this dungeon houses various traps that can melt through your health if you’re not careful. 

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Unlike other Domains, the Labyrinth Warrior trials see travelers team up with a non-playable partner called Shiki Taishou. This small warrior provides your team with various buffs (Charm Magic) that will help you clear out each room. 

Once you’ve selected your team comp and appropriate buffs, you’ll need to navigate your way through the various floors and take down the enemies within them. If you successfully manage to wipe out the enemies on the first floor, you’ll move on to the next room. 

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“The current Labyrinth Warriors event is by far the best [miHoyo has] ever released. It’s a great mix of exploration, combat, some buff/debuff RNG, and a few other things,” explained one Reddit user

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“A more difficult version of this event is about everything I wish end-game offered right now. It’s incomparably more interesting and enjoyable than Spiral Abyss and I could see it becoming excellent end-game content with a few simple tweaks.” 

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Genshin Impact fans have wanted an endless dungeon mode since the game’s release, but the developers have yet to add this mode. However, the new event has proven that miHoYo has the potential to add harder dungeon-style content to the game. 

“I’m really hoping that miHoYo is testing this event out right now as a test,” said Enviosity. “Then eventually, in the future, we get something like this as a permanent event that’s added to the game. I feel like that could happen.” 

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The developers have often used new updates to trial various gameplay mechanics and features before they’re added to the game in later versions, so Genshin Impact fans remain hopeful that Labyrinth Warriors will just be the beginning. 

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