Genshin Impact cosplayer brings Hu Tao to life with spectacularly spooky look

Hu TaomiHoYo

A Genshin Impact’s cosplayer has wowed fans with her spectacularly spooky rendition of the game’s latest character, Hu Tao. 

Genshin Impact fans have been going crazy for the game’s latest character, Hu Tao. This ghostly girl is 77th Director of the Wangsheng Funeral Parlo, a place that helps guide spirits to the afterlife. When Hu Tao isn’t busy carrying out a person’s last rites, she enjoys playing ghostly tricks and causing mischief. 

Hu Tao commands the field with deadly pyro-based attacks, unleashing quick flurries with her deadly polearm. If her lightning-fast attacks weren’t scary enough, Hu Tao’s abilities can quickly send even the most stalwart opponents to the afterlife. Her Elemental Skill sees Hu Tao consume some of her life in order to buff her attacks, while her Elemental Burst unleashes a blazing fire spirit to deal Pyro damage. 

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It’s no wonder that many Genshin Impact fans have been drawn towards this spirit-loving character. Hu Tao has already been getting a lot of attention online, with many talented players showing off their drawings, models, and very own boss montages. 

However, babsofthegalaxy took things a step further with her brilliantly spooky Hu Tao cosplay. This talented cosplayer has perfectly captured everything from Hu Tao’s twin ponytails, flower petal eyes, dark brown porkpie hat, and long draped cloak. 

The hat is incredibly intricate and features the wooden talisman, indigo tassels, and red blossom that elegantly perches atop her head. Meanwhile, the cloak has been fastened with jet black rope, while Hu Tao’s signature gold and white symbols have been emblazoned onto both the cloak and shorts. 

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Rounding off the cosplay is Hu Tao’s white socks and low-heeled shoes. The socks notably mimic the red blossom featured on her hat, while the jet black shoes make them perfect for chasing after spooky ghosts and Hilichurls. 

Babsofthegalaxy then finishes off the look by striking Hu Tao’s frightfully cute pose. There’s certainly no denying that this cosplayer has captured Genshin’s spooky ghost girl perfectly.