Genshin Impact cosplayer is seeing stars as magical Mona

Cosplayer peachmilky_ next to Mona from Genshin ImpactmiHoYo / Instagram: pepeachmilky_

One of Genshin Impact’s fan-favorite characters, Mona, has been brought to life by a skillful cosplayer who has managed to recreate her outfit in a photoshoot with an equally stunning backdrop.

Among the huge gaming trends like Among Us in 2020, Genshin Impact proved to be another wholly unexpected hit and has amassed many fans who still play the game actively to this day.

Despite being free-to-play, players were surprised at just how high quality the game turned out to be on release, and since then miHoYo has only gone on to add more content to the already huge open-world RPG.

Genshin Impact cover image featuring many charactersHoYoverse’s
Genshin Impact’s characters are one of the best aspects of the game.

One of its most recognizable features is its huge cast of vibrant characters that can be acquired via the game’s gacha system – and fans have spent countless hours and the in-game currency Primogems to get ahold of their favorites.

A fan-favorite character is Mona, a young astrologer with mysterious abilities whose stunningly magical appearance is the perfect inspiration for a Genshin themed cosplay.

That’s exactly what cosplayer peachmilky did, taking on Mona’s intricate costume and bringing it to life with excellent detail, in photos taken by Luke Craig.


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Her sheer tights are trimmed with golden patterns to match the small metallic heels she has on her feet. Her dark blue bodysuit is also trimmed with gorgeous gold, matching the material of the elbow-length gloves.

Her cape is absolutely beautiful, the underside a deep royal red that catches the light just perfectly, and the top a velvety blue decorated with intricate gold stars to match her abilities. Peachmilky’s hat ties in with the cape exactly with the blue top and red bottom, and completes a very accurate outfit.


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The background is the icing on the cake, a towering magical workshop filled with planet and star-related objects, matched with a floor that looks just like the night sky, making a magical cosplay even more magical.

There’s no doubt that this cosplay was a success, looking every bit the part of the much-loved astrologer.