Syndicate denies sexual abuse allegations as multiple women come forward

ZombiUnicorn and ProSyndicate looking at the cameraTwitter: ZombiUnicorn / YouTube: The Life of Tom

UPDATE: June 24: Tom ‘ProSyndicate’ Cassell has issued a long statement addressing the allegations of sexual abuse made by ZombiUnicorn and KaitlinWitcher on Twitter, claiming that it’s all false and there was never any wrongdoing involved with either woman.

“This is character assassination by social media without evidence to support it or any justification,” he wrote. “These two women have chosen to make horrendous allegations against me for reasons I do not understand, attempting to stage a public trial without giving me a chance to defend myself.”

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UPDATE June 21, 1:30PM PST: Syndicate has responded to the allegations of sexual abuse made by the two women. He claims that what’s been alleged is “false” and that he’s “in actual shock.”

The YouTuber is expected to follow up with a larger statement in the next few days, and claims he is going to address “every single thing that’s been said.”

The original story is below.

Twitch streamer and YouTuber Natalie ‘ZombiUnicorn’ Casanova has accused YouTuber Tom ‘ProSyndicate’ Cassell of sexual abuse, with his ex-girlfriend KaitlinWitcher also sharing her story.

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In a video on June 21, ZombiUnicorn alleges that the incident took place while they were working together on the Legends of Gaming show, a tournament between YouTube gamers in 2016.

Casanova explains that the pair had been in a consensual relationship, but that on one occasion the encounter had become non-consensual.

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“He said he didn’t have any [condoms], so I said we can only continue if you pull out, because I don’t take birth control. When the time came, I was on top of him, he was saying that he was about to, and I was like ok I’m getting off, and he held me down physically, so that I could not get off of him. I smacked him and said ‘no, stop!’.”

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In her tweet, ZombiUnicorn said, “I FINALLY realized my own story of sexual abuse that I’d long passed off as him just ‘being a d**k’. I tried to remain cordial bc of his position/power until I just cut him off entirely. @/ProSyndicate”

In the video, she explains in detail the events leading up to and the encounter itself, claiming that despite Cassell saying that he did not have a condom, she later found them in his bathroom.

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Warning: Clip contains explicit description of sexual abuse.

Casanova says that after the incident, she tried to maintain the friendship and be cordial, “because of his position and power”, but later decided to block him and was “avoiding him at all costs.”

“I am worried that he’s going to try to come after me, because I’m saying this, but it’s all true.” ZombiUnicorn explained that a woman who works for Syndicate’s company, 3BLACKDOT, took her to the pharmacy to get Plan B the next morning.

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In follow up tweets, Casanova also alleged that Cassell had shared private photos of her without permission or knowledge.

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Two hours before posting her video, ZombiUnicorn asked her followers what they would call the scenario.

Dexerto has reached out to ProSyndicate for comment.

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His ex-girlfriend KaitlinWitcher has also spoken out following ZombiUnicorn’s video in a series of tearful Twitter clips. She claimed he was her first boyfriend, and that she “didn’t know better,” before going into detail about an alleged incident in December 2012 in a Los Angeles hotel room.

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She went on to describe how Cassell said he “wanted to do things” with her in the room, to which she refused multiple times before he assaulted her without consent.

Syndicate runs two popular YouTube channels, boasting a combined subscriber count of over 12 million. He’s also one of the most followed streamers on Twitch, with a further 3 million followers. Casanova is a popular Twitch streamer also, with over 200,000 followers on the platform.

The allegations come the day after a number of women in the gaming industry reported instances of harassment, prominently against Destiny streamer SayNoToRage.

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