Destiny streamer SayNoToRage accused of harassment by multiple women

saynotorageInstagram: saynotorage

Twitch partner and popular Destiny streamer Lono ‘SayNoToRage’ has been accused of making unwarranted advances by multiple women who are coming out with claims of harassment.

There are people from multiple spaces in the industry who alleged similar interactions with SayNoToRage in the past. These reports have been coming out into the fold since streamer ‘JewelsVerne’ briefly mentioned her story from 2017 which encouraged others to do the same.

“All I can think about is the time I played an entire card game with a notable streamer’s hand on my thigh the whole time and was then basically asked for s*x,” JewelsVerne claimed. “Oh and it was Lono [SayNoToRage] so there you all go.”

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Jewels described her alleged experience as “mild.” Throughout the night, more women came forward with claims of accounts between them and the Destiny broadcaster.

Sara Daniels Barrett, known as SarahDanielsTV, explained how she was allegedly “cornered and made uncomfortable enough to have blocked one particular incident out of [her] memory until it was jogged recently.”

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She too explicitly named SayNoToRage, but also described her account as “mild.” Like Jewels, Daniels told her story to encourage others to share theirs and to provide a support system for those “who have heinous stories, which will come out when those women are ready.”

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Hours later, Twitch partner MindofSnaps did just that with a lengthy and detailed sequence of alleged events from 2018.

Her letter was a comprehensive retelling of multiple scenarios in which SayNoToRage allegedly either denied or downplayed advances that MindofSnaps said left her “feeling violated and uncomfortable.”

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In response to the mounting stories against SayNoToRage, Community Manager at Bungie Chris ‘Cozmo’ Shannon said that the developer’s partnership with the streamer had ended a long time ago, but there wasn’t any chance of it happening again.

“Proud of the brave women in the community coming forward. This was their story to tell and it’s our job to listen,” Cozmo said. “Bungie hasn’t worked with Lono [SayNoToRage] in a long time and won’t ever again.”

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Bungie Community Team lead, David ‘DeeJ’ Dague, addressed the situation as it was developing, noting that people who fell short of their expectations would be “removed from our guest list.”

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SayNoToRage made a video response to the accusations.

He attributed his decisions as ones stemming from his own troubled past, but took down the video moments later saying it sounded “insincere and [was] claiming to be a victim” himself.

The streamer is expected to make another response to address the claims against him as more people are becoming aware of the allegations.