Youtuber claims his Xbox Series X broke due to “black screen of death”

Xbox Series X ImageAustin Evans/YouTube

PAPIGFUNK managed to get his hands on an Xbox Series X unit a few days ago but Microsoft’s next-gen console has already broken down on him, which he says is due to the ‘black screen of death.’

The flagship hardware has yet to be released but PAPIGFUNK’s Xbox has somehow broken down already, a surprising thing to happen for the upcoming console that’s about to hit store shelves on November 10.

“My Xbox Series X is Officially Broken” The unboxing Youtuber wrote. “It turns on but all I see is the Black Screen Of Death.”

Papi explained how his console stopped working for no apparent reason as it failed to produce any signal on the screen after being turned on and labeling the issue as the Balck Screen of Death.

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He shows how the working Xbox controller fails to connect to the console and turn it on, forcing him to utilize the button placed on the front of the frame.

Upon initiation, the Youtuber’s console seems to have functioning fans and lights however, does not show any signs of life on the television screen: “It’s on and it should be already booting up…and nothing is coming up.”

Both fans and disk drives seem to be perfectly working within the unit, with the unboxer’s personal theory being that it might be a hardware failure from the storage unit.

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Like the Blue screen of death on Windows systems, some worried that this Black Screen of death incident would set a precedence for the next generation of the Xbox console line.

Though Microsoft customer service has already offered to send him a new console, several viewers have found alternative explanations for the original’s malfunction.

The common belief is that Microsoft decided to deactivate his console after multiple NDA violations, which could have led the company to take action against his unit.

The Youtuber reportedly broke multiple embargos regarding the next-gen Microsoft console by prematurely showing footage of the Xbox’s main menu in recent videos on his channel.

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After posting the incident online, PAPIGFUNK was bombarded with comments pointing out that the broken console could have been a direct result from the NDA violations.

Comments on nda breakingTwitter: @PAPIGFUNK
PAPIGFUNK’s Twitter followers weren’t surprised about the broken Xbox Series X, citing multiple broken NDAs as a probable cause.

As Microsoft poises itself for the crucial release of their new generation of consoles, PAPI’s pre-launch model could be a victim of the company’s hard stance of temporarily or even permanently blocking consoles used to break NDAs.