xQc explains why aim assist in some esports is “anti-competitive”

Blizzard Entertainment/Robert Paul

Former Overwatch pro and popular Twitch streamer Felix ‘xQc’ Lengyel explained why he thinks esports that allow aim assist aren’t competitive.

Aim assist is intended to make it easier to aim for players using a controller on PC or console, but more and more esports figures are saying it gives controller users an unfair advantage.

xQc commented on aim assist in the Halo: Master Chief Collection earlier in December, saying that players who used controllers definitely had an advantage in matches thanks to the feature.

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Now the former esports pro has accused games that combine controller and keyboard player-bases ruin any possibility of actual competitive play.

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“Doesn’t matter what game, having players that have a literal robot (aim-assist) in the same lobby as players who don’t is flat out anti-competitive,” Felix said on Twitter. “I will never understand “esports” that allow both simultaneously. Having a robot react for you puts you ~170ms+ ahead at all times.”

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After another Twitter user said out PC players often have more powerful hardware than those on console, so complaining about aim assist was an “interesting take”, xQc clarified his position.

“You don’t understand,” Felix explained. “You cannot quantify exactly how much better the hardware is on average and try to compensate with a set amount of automated inputs that works for both casual and top tier players.”

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Finishing with a great xQc-ism, the star streamer said aim assist is “like going in a car race with an ATV but putting spaceship rockets on it.”

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xQc isn’t the only one to speak out about aim assist either, Fortnite World Cup champ Bugha was stunned after witnessing what the controller aim assist was capable of the in the popular battle royale game.

Complaints about aim assist in Fortnite are nothing new either, earlier in 2019 Fortnite star Tuner ‘tfue’ Tenney said he “had less respect” for players who used controllers on PC after trying it for himself.

Publishers, including Epic Games, haven’t given indication at the time of writing that they’re going to change the system. So, for now, the controller vs. mouse and keyboard debate continues to rage on.

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