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xQc explains why controllers are broken in Halo Master Chief Collection on PC

Published: 4/Dec/2019 0:25 Updated: 4/Dec/2019 0:26

by Bill Cooney


Popular Twitch Streamer Felix ‘xQc’ Lengyel tried out the new Halo Master Chief Collection when it came out on Steam on December 3 and quickly found that controller, not mouse and keyboard, was the way to go.

Halo: The Master Cheif Collection combines all of the games from the famous franchise and finally brings them to PC.

xQc was far from the only streamer to try out the games and see how they translated to PC, but the streamer was adamant that controllers were much more powerful than mouse and keyboard.

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After getting nostalgic during his first few games of Halo Reach, xQc actually started to frag out and do pretty well in Halo and he gave all the credit to his controller.


“Why does controller make the game so easy?” xQc said reading a viewer’s question. “There’s something called auto-aim, or aim-assist and it aims for you, kind of, and it’s extremely strong in this game, it’s like a magnet.”

At the end of the above clip, you can actually see the aim-assist in action very briefly and it does seem to latch right on to the enemy player.

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When xQc first started playing MCC he was using a mouse and keyboard and commented that there was noticeable input lag that seemed to go away or become less annoying with the switch to the controller.


“The input delay is crazy,” xQc said during his first match of Capture the Flag, though he admitted it could be his sensitivity that was off as well.

Halo games were originally made for the Xbox so controllers being the natural way for a lot of people to play the game comes as no surprise, and the aim assist gives players even more incentive to pick up the sticks one again.

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There’s some talk of the Master Cheif Collection “revitalizing” Halo esports and if it does, it would be interesting to see whether more players go for controller or mouse and keyboard.


xQc most likely will not be going pro in Halo anytime soon, but it’s another game to play with chat and there’s always the chance of a Halo Twitch Rivals tournament popping up in the future as well.