Apex pro Snip3down slams players suggesting aim assist is ‘busted’

Respawn Entertainment / MLG

Apex Legends star Eric ‘Snip3down’ Wrona has taken aim at players suggesting controller aim assist is ‘busted,’ showing off examples of how little the assist feature helps during gunfights in Respawn’s popular battle royale shooter.

Shooters have long seen console players lock horn with PC enthusiasts regarding the nature of aim assist, which is often implemented into battle royales like Apex to ensure controller players can remain competitive in-game.

The argument often spills out into the idea that console aim assist is “too powerful,” and creates unfair conditions for mouse and keyboard users when they’re playing on PC, with many computer-based grinders calling for its removal.

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Now, Team Reciprocity star Snip3down has waded into the fight, showing off how little aim assist plays a role in shooting for console and controller players in Apex Legends in a Twitter video shared on December 18.

Respawn EntertainmentPlayers moving to PC for the new Apex Global Series has sparked a controller vs K&M war over aim assist, and whether it’s too unfair in its current state.

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“First off, I’m using a golden stabilizer here — everyone knows the carbine is very accurate,” he said as he stocked up on ammo and gear in the game’s training yard.

“Alright, I’m going to aim right here [the center of a training dummy] and I won’t touch my joystick,” he said, and opened fire his R-301. The bullet spread jolted the reticle up, past the dummy, forcing him to miss more than half the shots.

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“Whoa, you see that? Boy, aim assist is so strong in Apex dude, it’s almost as if the game shoots for me,” he continued in a sarcastic tone. “I don’t have to control any recoil! Can you believe that guys? Holy sh*t, it’s almost as if I don’t have to shoot.”

The former Halo star also brought fans’ attention to Fortnite’s “broken” L-trigger aim assist feature, which pulls the reticle onto an enemy’s head for an easier headshot. When he did the same example on Apex, however, the reticle didn’t move.

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Snip3down wasn’t the only console pro to take a swipe at the PC players demanding the feature be removed either, with Counter Logic Gaming’s Jack ‘NiceWigg’ Martin backing up his fellow star with his own explanation.

“Does [aim assist] help you as a controller player in close-ranged gunfights? Of course, it is assisted aim, there is a reason that I could one-clip someone for 275 and someone else can’t on PC, because we have assisted aim,” he said.

“This has been clarified by devs, this is a fact,” he continued. “However, do controller players deserve to get hated and sh*t on just because of that? No. We should be respected just like every mouse and keyboard player.

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“We have to overcome so many disadvantages, you can’t move while looting, we can’t choose heals while looting or moving, we can’t do a bunch of things that PC players can do, and our creativity is hindered by our console movement.

“To all the controller players saying aim assist doesn’t exist, you’re wrong. To all the M&K players who say that it’s broken and controller players are only good because of it, you’re wrong too, and that’s clearly evident.”

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The ongoing discussion regarding controller players vs. M&K players was first sparked by PC loyalists after EA and Respawn announced their new $3 million Global Series, which will boast 12 live events, and will only be played on PC.

The announcement came as a kick in the guts for many console stars, including current PlayStation number one Zednim, who said he was disappointed that players who had been grinding “since day one” were being left behind.

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Considering this new tournament venture is one of the biggest things to have happened in the Apex pro scene since the game launched a year ago, it’s no surprise console players are jumping ship to make sure they don’t miss out.

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Respawn EntertainmentCLG’s NiceWigg could be one of many Apex pros converting from console to PC in the near future for the upcoming $3m Global Series.

And, with all of Apex’s stars congregating onto one platform, it’s the perfect place to put to bed, once and for all, whether a controller or M&K are better — after all, there can only be one winner, and they could be using either in the $3m fight.

That fight may have to wait, however, with details on whether console-to-PC converts will be permitted to use controllers, similar to Fortnite’s professional scene, yet to be confirmed. More details are set to be revealed in January.