Bugha stunned by Fortnite’s controller aim assist after crazy blind shot

Epic Games

Fortnite star Kyle ‘Bugha’ Giersdorf managed to once again display the ridiculous powerful of controller aim assist by pulling off an insane kill during a duos match-up.

Like many games that allow for keyboard and mouse versus controllers, Fortnite has run into some issues with the power of the latter’s aim assist – with some players equating it to having aim bot-like power.

Of course, there are downsides to using a controller in terms of building vs PC players, but it is the aim assist in gunfights that has caused players like Turner ‘Tfue’ Tenney to speak out and claim to have “less respect” for players who wield a controller. Yet, it’s Bugha who has dived head first to showcase how powerful it still is in Fortnite Chapter 2.

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Epic GamesBugha hasn’t dominated Fortnite since his World Cup win but he’s still an elite player.

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The Fortnite World Cup winner had been playing alongside fellow Sentinels player Cayden ‘Carose’ Bradford in a few duo matches when swapped his usual keyboard and mouse set-up for a controller.

Almost instantly, it worked as Bugha managed to deal 44 shield damage to a player that was stood behind a tree and who he even admitted that he couldn’t really see. “I just hit for 44 through a tree, couldn’t even see him,” he said before his teammate laughed at the ridiculousness of the callout. “Wow,” Bugha added.

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It’s not the only example of the Sentinels star showing just how crazy it can be when using a controller. 

He even tweeted out a clip on December 23 showing himself engaged in a build battle, before landing a perfect shot with the legendary pump shotgun on an unsuspecting player. Yet, he wasn’t finished there.

Bugha even managed to quickly focus his attention on another foe who was trying to pick him off behind cover. Instead, the World Cup winner rained down a barrage of quick shots that scored him another stunning elimination.

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Of course, while the controller aim assist is still pretty ridiculous, it’s still unlikely that players trace out their keyboards and mice in favor of one.

After all, it just takes a few changes from Epic Games to put a stop to overpowered assist – even if they try and keep it around to level the playing field.

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