Tfue on why he has “less respect” for controller Fortnite players after using one


Fortnite superstar Turner ‘Tfue’ Tenney has revealed that he has “less respect” for players who use a controller, after spending four hours on stream using one himself.

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Tfue is regarded as one of the best Fortnite players in the world, ranking as the second highest earner in history, thanks to his skills on the keyboard and mouse.

However, many players have also risen to the top using a controller, demonstrating ridiculous building skills and aim – leading to some PC players feeling that are at a serious disadvantage.

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TWITCH:TFUETfue partnered with FaZe Clan’s controller maestro Sway.
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Nevertheless, the Florida native wanted to test it out for himself and partnered with one of the best controller players in the world in FaZe Clan’s Josue ‘Sway’ to conduct his experiment.

After a short while on the sticks, he eventually went back to his normal setup and revealed he has “less respect” for controller players after trying it for himself.

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(Timestamp – 1:46 for mobile users)

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“After playing controller, I don’t think I have more respect for them,” Tfue said. “I probably have a little bit less. With that being said, I do respect them.

“I didn’t think I was going to be able to pick up a controller and play as well as I did.”

YOUTUBE:TFUETfue felt playing on controller was easier than expected.
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The former FaZe Clan star stated he felt the main advantage controller players had was comfort, revealing it’s extremely difficult to mess up with a pad in hand, compared to a keyboard.

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He said: “Everything button you press is so comfortable. On a controller, it’s hard to fuck up when you’re trying to hit something.

“On PC, it’s so difficult to hit the keys that you want. Reason being – controllers are built for gaming and keyboards are not.”

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Tfue went on to say he felt some aspects of his building actually felt better on controller, but added that he believed PC players were higher skilled.

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Given his overwhelming success on the keyboard and mouse – qualifying for the upcoming Fortnite World Cup – it’s unlikely to see the 21-year-old make the switch anytime soon.

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