Where to find White Spotted Jellyfish in Dave the Diver

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Dave the Diver white spotted jellyfish

In Dave the Diver players will come across many sea creatures that they can catch, cook with, and collect. However, the White Spotted Jellyfish is one of the toughest ones to spot. so here’s where to find it in the game.

There are a multitude of quests to complete throughout your journey in Dave the Diver’s story, and there’s one in particular that involves a VIP client and a very particular order.

This VIP customer will show up at the sushi bar and ask for a recipe that requires a White Spotted Jellyfish, a hard-to-find sea creature you won’t find in the shallow parts of the Blue Hole. But that’s now all, as you must bring back the creature alive.

Here is where to find the White Spotted Jellyfish in Dave the Diver and how to catch it alive for your VIP customer.


White Spotted Jellyfish data

The White Spotted Jellyfish is a medium-depth fish in the game.

  • Rank: 2
  • Active time: Daytime
  • Weight: 1 kg.
  • Drops: Spotted Jellyfish Tentacle
  • Recipes: White Spotted Jellyfish Sushi & Seagrapes Jellyfish Sushi

White Spotted Jellyfish location in Dave the Diver

The White Spotted Jellyfish can be found in Limestone Cave. To get there, you are going to need a slightly upgraded diving suit to travel to the depths needed for this quest, as it is a bit deeper than what the base suit can handle.

dave the diver limestone cave

At around 100 meters in the centermost area of the Blue Hole, you will find Limestone Cave. This is home to not only the jellyfish you need but also a few aggressive fish and other creatures.

The first thing you will notice is the currents flowing heavily through the cave. These currents will force you out of the cave if you get swept up in them, and can also push you into spikey barnacles that will cause you to lose oxygen quickly. This is the “damage” mechanic in the game; any time Dave gets injured, rather than losing health he loses oxygen.

How to capture the White Spotted Jellyfish in Dave the Diver

In order to capture the White Spotted Jellyfish, you will need to use a weapon that simply stuns the target, not kill it or deal damage.

There are a few to choose from, but the easiest of them all will be the Hush Dart weapon. This shoots out a dart that will put the target to sleep after a few seconds, making it possible to swim up and put it into your inventory without the need to kill it first.

dave the diver hush dart weapon

Once you have safely acquired the White Spotted Jellyfish, you will simply need to bring it back to Bancho’s Sushi to make the dish requested by the VIP customer.

Hush Dart weapon materials

  • 3 blueprints
  • 2 Red Starfish
  • 2 Orange Starfish
  • 3 Copper Ore
  • 50 Gold

How to avoid currents in Dave the Diver

To avoid these currents and any others you might come across, you will need to time your swim just right with its influx. They each have a time between going off, so if you pay close attention it isn’t difficult to time swimming past them.

For those who wish to make avoiding the current a little easier, you can use an Underwater Scooter that will make traversing the caves much quicker. The scooter increases your swim speed for a short duration while using the “sprint” key underwater. The scooter also does not use up as much oxygen as the normal “sprint” does under the sea, so this helps travel faster without sacrificing precious air.

dave the diver currents

It is also worth noting you will need more than one ingredient for the dish. On top of the jellyfish required, you will also need Salt and Sea Grapes to curate the dish at Bancho’s. Both of these items can be found inside and around the Limestone Cave within little pots that you see strewn about the Blue Hole’s floor.

Just as you would open a chest, you will use the interact key (on PC this is the Spacebar) to open up the pots and then use the key again to collect the special ingredients inside of them.

That’s all there is on where to find the White Spotted Jellyfish in Dave the Diver. For more game content, check the links below:

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