How to find the microphone in Dave the Diver

Samantha Giambra
Dave the Diver

Certain quest items in Dave the Diver are quite difficult to locate, and the Microphone is one of them. To help you complete the Sea People Language Translator mission, here’s where to find the microphone in the Blue Hole.

With so much to explore in Dave the Diver, locating a needle in a haystack can become tedious, mostly because if you don’t know exactly where to look, you’ll run out of air constantly.

There is one particular quest that has players scratching their heads, and that is the “Sea People Language Translator” quest, as it requires you to find not only one but three special items.

To help you properly comb the right areas of the deep Blue Hole, here’s a step-by-step on how to get through this quest in the game.


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Sea People Language Translator quest

The Sea People Language Translator quest is part of the main story and takes place during Chapter 2. It requires players to bring back three separate items to Dr. Bacon; An Intercom Microphone, the Sea People Stone Tablet, and an Amethyst.

All of these items are in different locations, of course, but luckily for players, Dr. Bacon tells you where each item is during his dialogue.

However, if you happen to miss that dialogue, you are going to be very confused as to where to look. So here are the locations for all of the items needed to make the Sea People Translator in Dave the Diver.

Microphone location in Dave the Diver

The Microphone can be found inside the Shipwreck on the western side of the Blue Hole Medium Depth, near the area where you initially went to fight the Giant Squid.

To get here, you will need to dive down the first cavern you come across when you initially jump into the water. Swimming down to around 111 meters, you will see the yellow ship to the west on the sea floor. The doorway will already be open from completing the Giant Squid battle, so you won’t need to use the cutter again to access the area.

Once you are within the new area, you will want to swim directly downward and to the East. There is only one way to go within this shipwreck, so it shouldn’t be too confusing about where you’ll need to swim. On the ocean floor, you will see a bright yellow exclamation point above the microphone object. Swim to it, and hit the interact button to pick up the quest item.

Sea People Stone Tablet location in Dave the Diver

The Sea People Stone Tablet is another item you will need to find alongside the Microphone to complete the Translator quest. The tablet can be found within the Sea People Record Chamber, located on the far East end of the Blue Hole Medium Depth.

This is a place you have also ventured to before, where you took a photo of the mural of one of the Sea People on the wall for Dr. Bacon. This Chamber is almost directly across from the East entrance to the Limestone Cave.

Once you enter the Record Chamber, you will swim straight ahead until you see another yellow exclamation point above an object; this is the Sea People Stone Tablet.

Amethyst location in Dave the Diver

The Amethyst can be found in the Blue Hole Depths, which you will need an upgraded diving suit and Headlamp to access.

If you already have the necessities needed to travel to the Depths, you will simply need to swim straight down until you see a yellow chest next to a very aggressive fish on the ocean floor.

This fish will snap at you while you attempt to open the chest, but you need to in order to find the Pickaxe needed to break apart the Amethyst. Once you have looted the pickaxe, swim over and to the East of the fish inside of the ocean floor and to the bright purple Amethyst node sticking out of the ground. Use the melee weapon button to hit the ore a few times, and loot the pieces with the interact button.

You will now have all of the items needed to finish the Translator and complete the quest.

That’s all you need to know about the microphone and other items’ locations in Dave the Diver. For more game content, check the guides below:

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