VR dev recreates Getting Over It with Bennett Foddy and fans are dreading it

getting over it vr headerBennett Foddy / Oculus

A game developer and content creator has recreated Getting Over It with Bennet Foddy in VR and fans are already dreading it.

Video game fans likely remember the trend of indie developers creating games seemingly designed around extreme difficulty and player frustration.

Games such as Getting Over It with Bennett Foddy, Pogostuck, and Jump King blew up in popularity on Twitch and YouTube thanks to many content creators’ amusing reactions.

Now, one VR developer and content creator has recreated Getting Over It in VR and fans are absolutely dreading what’s to come.

VR dev recreates Getting Over it in first person

The project comes from Quentin Valembois, who runs a YouTube channel centered around VR development.

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Vembois documented his process in a YouTube video, where he detailed his process of recreating the iconic rage game.

Aside from using a 3D-rendered map from the game’s modding community, the VR dev sculpted the character model and programmed the physics engine very accurately to the original title.

The game developer platform 80 Level tweeted out Valembois’ creation and making-of video, which quickly created a lot of buzz on social media.

Plenty of traumatized players shared their excitement and dread at this new spin on one of the hardest games in recent memory.

“*PTST intensifying*” wrote Twitter user splenbit. Another fan called the recreation “brilliant” and noted that while they were “so sh*t at Getting Over It” they might have better luck playing in VR.

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Additionally, plenty of others tagged their favorite content creators in the replies and expressed how much they’d want to see them take on this new challenge.

“Hey @markiplier I know you hated this game, but COME ON. I know you want to play it. I just know it,” wrote Twitter user finnt730.

However, it will apparently still take a bit of time before Valembois’ project is released to the public. The developer said, “I’m planning to work a bit more on the game, make it more VR friendly and give my own twist to it before release.”

Luckily for the VR dev, he’s received Bennett Foddy’s official blessing to continue work on the project, so interested fans should definitely keep their eyes on Valembois’ YouTube channel for more updates.

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