Twitch streamer gets dunked in huge water tank after every Jump King fail

KeatDawg sitting in front of his dunk tankTwitch: KeatDawg

A Twitch streamer by the name of KeatDawg has gone viral after a series of streams where after every Jump King failed jump, he gets dunked in a huge water tank.

When it comes to growing your audience, having something that sets you apart from the rest is a near-perfect strategy.

Twitch streamer KeatDawg has just 388 followers at the time of writing, but a clip going around the platform has amassed almost 20 million views and he’s quickly gaining popularity with viewers.

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The viral clip shows exactly what the creator does to set himself apart from others.

KeatDawg gets dunked in water after every Jump King fail

Jump King is a platformer game known for its difficulty, with creators like xQc, Mizkif, and Ludwig tackling the game during their stream.

However, KeatDawg managed to make the game even harder during his streams. Whenever he fails a jump in the game, the Twitch streamer gets dunked into a huge water tank.

However, KeatDawg doesn’t get dunked every time that he falls. On the side of his broadcast, you’ll see the percentage of a chance he has to get dunked.

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Starting at 10%, it goes up 1% per viewer, so he would need to have 90 viewers in his stream when he falls in the game to guarantee a trip into the water.

He shared the results of his first playthrough on August 13, where it took him 17 hours with 959 falls and 222 dunks before officially finishing Jump King.

It’s unknown if he’ll continue with a second playthrough of “dunk king,” but viewers are eager to see what he thinks of next if he decides to dismantle the dunk tank.

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