Ludwig is doing another marathon stream, but don’t call it a “subathon”

Ludwig wearing winnie the pooh sweaterYouTube: Ludwig

Ludwig Ahgren is bringing back the uncapped marathon stream that shot him to stardom in March 2021 ⁠— but don’t call it a “subathon”. This time the streamer is doing it of his own volition, with his own goal of completing Pogostuck 3 in one sitting, and viewers won’t need to pay a dime to keep him up.

Subathon was the word on every Twitch streamer’s lips in 2021. Pioneered by Ludwig’s 31-day broadcast which broke subscriber records on the platform, his entire life from gaming to gym to sleeping was documented for a month straight.

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When he finally went to bed in his red car one last time, he promised fans he’d never do another subathon.

Well since moving to YouTube, he’s living up to that promise. Don’t call his latest endeavor a subathon, Ludwig says, but he’s going to be streaming non-stop for days, weeks, or even months starting January 15.

“The title of this video was not clickbait: I am going to be doing a marathon stream, I’m thinking. I don’t know how long it’ll go ⁠— I’m hoping not a month, I don’t think it’ll go a month,” he said.

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Ludwig Twitch stream subathon finally ends after 30 days.Twitch: Ludwig
A teary-eyed Ludwig signed off his subathon on April 14, 2021. In January 2022, he’s bringing back a “marathon stream” — without the donations.

The special occasion? Ludwig’s nemesis in video game form, Pogostuck, is releasing its third title on January 15, and he wants to beat it in one sitting on launch day.

“In the past, Pogostuck games have taken me months to beat. The first game took me 75 hours, the second game took me 55 hours ⁠— of gameplay. How do you break up 55 hours of gameplay into a stream? Even if I play 12 hours a day that’s five days of streaming in a row.

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“I will not hit the stop streaming button until I have beaten the game. This will include, perhaps if I don’t beat it within a day, some sleep streams. Maybe we f**k around and get a modcast going on. Sh*t is about to go down.”

However, Ludwig was very clear in saying this stream would not be a subathon. He doesn’t want viewers to pay for membership or superchat him to keep the stream alive like he did across his Twitch broadcast.

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The related segment begins at 11:58.

Instead, he wants to get this wrapped up within a day to really flex his gaming muscles. That doesn’t mean he’s opposed to running it a bit longer to juice the content though.

“This is not a subathon. The stream is not contingent on you giving me money to stay up. I don’t want your money. Maybe we’ll have mediashare for the evening time, we’ll probably have movie night, but this is purely based off my gamer skill,” he said.

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Ludwig’s next marathon stream ⁠— not subathon ⁠— will kick off on January 15 at 12pm PT, and could last anywhere from a few hours to a few weeks. Whether the sequel will be better than the original remains to be seen.

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