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KSI explodes into rage while playing puzzle game Getting Over It

Published: 12/Jan/2019 13:23 Updated: 12/Jan/2019 14:46

by David Purcell


Olajide ‘KSI’ Olatunji is back creating gaming content for his YouTube channel and he allowed his emotions to get the better of him in this hilarious video. 

The popular YouTuber, who has over 5.6 million subscribers on the platform at the time of writing, recorded himself playing ‘Getting Over It with Bennett Foddy’ on his PC and seemed to be getting the hang of it – but, that didn’t last very long.


If unfamiliar, Getting Over It with Bennett Foddy was released in October 2017 and has been the center piece of rage compilations on YouTube ever since.

KSI/FacebookKSI has attracted over 1.8 million views on the Getting Over It video, as of January 12, 2019.

The main character in the game is called Diogenes and most of his body is stuck inside a cauldron, so he relies on a Yosemite hammer to pull himself around.


Using this silent character, KSI tried his best to surpass the many obstacles in his way, but the further he progressed, the more Bennett Foddy starts to talk in the background to distract him. 

It finally reached the point where the voice was starting to irritate him so much, he bursts into furious rage in this hilarious video. 

“Why is it every time that I do sick, he’s like ‘ah yeah, I’ve got to let you know about some dumb shit nobody cares about. I don’t care! Let me just play the game” he says. 


But, Foddy continues to ramble in the background about how the player is constantly in danger of falling. Once KSI starts the fall, he loses his confidence and ends up right back to the beginning. 

“I can’t be fucking bothered with this game, it’s trash. Trash! Trash!” KSI concludes. “I can’t play this game if my man is going to be talking every time I fail. If I succeed he talks, if I fail he talks. Bro, shut up man!”


TSM Myth does perfect impression of xQc & Trainwrecks on Among Us

Published: 18/Oct/2020 13:20

by Calum Patterson


He might be Twitch famous for his gaming skills, but one of TSM Myth’s party tricks is his uncanny impressions of fellow streamers. Everyone knows he does a pitch-perfect xQc, but he’s now trying to nail down Trainwrecks too.

xQc, now possibly the biggest streamer on Twitch in terms of average viewership, is perhaps an easy target for Myth, thanks to his very unique way of speaking, and French-Canadian accent.


Still, pulling it off is another thing entirely, and if you close your eyes listening to Myth do his best xQc, you’d hardly be able to tell the difference.

Although the former Overwatch pro might be Myth’s most recognizable impression, he’s also close to mastering others, including Tfue, Summit1g, NICKMERCS, and now Trainwrecks too.

Myth with hands up on Twitch stream
Twitch: Myth
Myth’s attempts at being other streamers are usually excellent.

The current big trend on Twitch is no longer Fortnite, Fall Guys, or even Warzone, but instead a niche party game from 2019 which has become the only thing anyone can talk about: Among Us.

And the content from Trainwrecks and xQc playing the game is ripe for Myth’s impressions, as he demonstrated while streaming alongside IRL broadcaster Jakenbake.

First up, his classic xQc, raging about being voted off as the imposter in Among Us.


But, we’ve seen this before, the real treat was his impersonation of Trainwrecks. To be fair, this one is still a bit of a work in progress, and Train’s much deeper vocals are proving trickier for Myth to master.

Still, his cadence was spot on, so it’s only a matter of time before he can sound exactly like his fellow streamer.


“If his voice were a bit deeper then it would be identical,” one commenter said. “He really nailed the stuttering.”

In the past, xQc has reacted to Myth’s spot-on impressions of him, and could only laugh, calling it “actually good.” We can only imagine what Trainwrecks might have to say about Myth’s attempt at doing him.