The First Descendant players want dev to learn from Warframe’s customization

Noelle Corbett
bunny first descendant character

The First Descendant players want the developers to add the option to dye default skins like in Warframe, which they say will alleviate the game’s grind to unlock characters.

As suggested by a player on the game’s subreddit, The First Descendant would benefit from the Warframe mechanic, which allows players to customize default skins with various colors, giving them unlimited uses of dye.

Not only would this give players more options to customize their characters, players believe it would help address another issue: the game’s grind-dependent character unlock system.

The poster explains the need for such a system, saying “I’m tired of seeing blue bunnies running everywhere.. this s*** is tedious.”

In addition to being a fan-favorite character for both her powerful skills and design, Bunny is so often used by players because she is by far the easiest Descendant to unlock. The rest, including the starter characters you didn’t pick, require a lot of grinding unless you’re willing to spend real money on Caliber, the game’s premium currency.

That’s led to plenty of maps being full of nothing but Bunnys, mostly in her default appearance.

Though the game does include the option to recolor some looks, they are exclusive to a handful of Premium skins.

Both The First Descendant’s character unlock system and microtransactions for customizations – including expensive skins and dyes – have been widely criticized, it’s no surprise that other players are seconding the poster’s proposal.

“There is no reason the default skin shouldn’t be able to use dye’s, it’s silly that even the ultimate Descendants can’t dye their outfit,” said one.

“It’s the best thing Warframe has done for customization. And absolutely ridiculous none of the other big players do it,” commented another user.

Others pointed out that the game’s alpha and beta tests included a similar option, but it’s nowhere to be seen in the launch version.

Given that the concept existed in previous builds of the game and with Season 1 on the horizon, The First Descendant players can only hope the developers reintroduce the option to dye default skins in a future update.

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