The Callisto Protocol update finally lets players skip gruesome deaths

The Callisto Protocol skip deathsStriking Distance Studios

The Callisto Protocol has released a patch containing combat fixes, way-of-life improvements, stability aids, and the ability to skip those rather gruesome and often relatively lengthy character deaths.

When The Callisto Protocol came out at the beginning of December 2022, it was a hit among console players, with our review giving it five stars and rating it an “all-time horror masterpiece.”

However, PC players quickly found the title to be practically incapable of running without stuttering heavily. While that issue was quickly fixed, there are still multiple patches coming out to make the game a better experience for all.

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One such patch focused on doing just that. Along with a few vital combat improvements, namely giving Jacob the ability to heal faster, and some general quality of life changes, developer Striking Distance Studios added in the ability to skip those many gruesome deaths dotted through the game’s story.

The Callisto protocol patch skip deathsStriking Distance Studios
The Callisto Protocol will now let you skip death cutscenes thanks to a patch.

The Callisto Protocol Dec 15 patch lets players skip gruesome deaths

Horror games like The Calisto Protocol focus on tension, great acting, a gripping storyline, and gory details. Whether it’s the characters or the creatures that are being killed, the deaths are broadcast to the player in as much gory detail as the developers could muster.

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While this certainly added to the experience, some players, especially those wanting to play the game all over again, were looking to get through the often rather lengthy deaths without having to see the gruesome details all over again.

Luckily, in the December 15 patch, developer Striking Distance Studios has implemented the ability to skip said scenes and let the player go about their business in the hellscape they find themselves in.

This is added among “combat improvements, performance and stability fixes, localization optimizations, and general quality of life changes” which are now available for all platforms.

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