The Callisto Protocol DLC: Updates, release windows & more 

Callisto Protocol DLCStriking Distance Studios

The Callisto Protocol might be the last big release of 2022, but the devs plan to support it with more content in 2023. Here’s everything we know.

The Callisto Protocol was a mixed bag at launch, while the sci-fi survival horror is a dream come true for fans of Dead Space, Resident Evil, and other third-person horror titles, it wasn’t without its issues. The game runs poorly on PC and the devs needed to address the controversy of certain death animations being locked behind a paywall, requiring players to purchase the season pass to access.

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The game also launched without a New Game+ mode, meaning that players wanting to do a second run would need to unlock and upgrade their skills and gear again – at least until this is changed. Fortunately, the team at Striking Distance Studios is hard at work on updates and DLC for the game. Here’s everything that’s coming to the Callisto Protocol in the coming months.


dark hallway with enemy in the callisto protocolStriking Distance Studios
Dead Space fans will feel right at home in The Callisto Protocol.

New Game Plus & Hardcore mode

The first major update to The Callisto Protocol is now live on PS4 and PS5, adding New Game Plus mode and various bug fixes.

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The new feature will let players start a new run with all of the guns, gear, and upgrades they’ve unlocked during their first run.

A future update will also add a Hardcore difficulty setting for those who are feeling brave. This update will also be free to all owners of the game and won’t require the purchase of a season pass.

In February 2023, the game also added more HDR calibration settings so players can adjust darkness levels to their preference via the Options menu. Not the most exciting change, but helpful

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New season pass content

Those who do purchase the season pass will also gain access to new content such as the Outer Way Skin Collection. This will have no in-game benefit and will be purely cosmetic, like the other skins that came with the season pack at launch.

The Contagion Bundle will release in March 2023 bringing with it a permadeath mode and 13 new death animations for Jacob – just in case you wanted to see him chopped up by space zombies in even more creative ways. This content will also contain more cosmetic options with the Watchtower Skin Collection.

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Spring 2023 will see the release of the Riot Bundle which will unlock new weapons, upgrades, and extra credits. This pack will also unlock a new area of Black Iron Prison where players will need to battle through waves of enemies to unlock the new gear.

There isn’t a confirmed release date for either the Contagion or Riot Bundle as of yet.

Callisto Protocol castStriking Distance Studios
Jacob and Dani’s story may not be over.

Story DLC

The tale of Black Iron Prison isn’t over yet, as Summer 2023 will see story DLC hit The Callisto Protocol. So far, we have no idea what it will be. Could it continue Jacob’s story? Or will it focus on earlier events or other characters?

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The ending of the game could give us a hint about where the story could go next. It’s also entirely possible there ends up being multiple story DLCs for The Callisto Protocol.

So, that’s everything we know about the Callisto Protocol content roadmap. For more guides and information on this new sci-fi adventure, check out some more content below:

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