Sonic Frontiers breaks series record for concurrent players on Steam

sonic frontiers running headerSEGA

Sonic Frontiers has broken the series record high for concurrent players on Steam following its release and fairly positive reception.

Sonic Frontiers is finally available for everyone to play and while the game has its ups and downs it seems the Blue Blur’s foray into open-world gameplay has done something right.

While the game’s technical flaws are much more obvious on the Nintendo Switch, players on current generation platforms like PS5, Xbox Series X, and PC seem to be enjoying the game as well, with user scores on both Metacritic and Steam to be quite positive.

In fact, Sonic Frontiers’ PC release has broken the series’ record for the highest concurrent players, dethroning 2017’s critically acclaimed Sonic Mania.

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Sonic Frontiers sets new record for concurrent Steam players

According to metrics on, Sonic Frontiers reached an all-time peak of 19,181 players on its November 8, 2022 release date.

Frontiers handily sped past Sonic Mania’s record of 11,937, which it set when the game launched on PC back in 2017.

While Sonic Frontiers’ numbers don’t rival those of massive online multiplayer games like Apex Legends, it’s certainly respectable for a single-player Sonic game in 2022.

Especially considering many players were skeptical about the game ahead of launch, over 19,000 concurrent players on launch day isn’t anything to sneeze at.

Sonic Frontiers Rail grinding gameplaySEGA
Sonic Frontiers features open-world gameplay for the first time in the series which capitalizes on Sonic’s trademark speed.

Notably, the game reached a peak of 80,266 viewers on Twitch on November 8 as well, despite some hiccups with streamers getting banned for broadcasting the game a bit too early.

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The amount of concurrent players on Steam has naturally fallen from its peak over the past few days as interest wanes and players finish the game. Though, at the time of writing Frontiers has 9,496 players and 8,319 viewers on Twitch.

While Sonic Frontiers likely won’t be topping Steam or Twitch charts any time soon, it’s definitely a positive sign for the blue hedgehog’s future.