xQc baffled by Rubius’ “insane” Twitch ban over Sonic Frontiers DMCA claim

xQc and Rubius side by side smiling at cameraTwitch: xQc/Rubius

Twitch star Felix ‘xQc’ Lengyel was left pretty surprised by Rubius’ ban from the platform, saying Sega “cooked” him over it. 

Whenever a big new game releases, plenty of Twitch streamers are desperate to be the first to stream it – even if that means taking unusual routes to play the game before it goes live in their region. 

Some get help from publishers with early access, but even that can land them in hot water at times, which is exactly what Spanish streaming star Rubius found out on November 8. 

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The Spaniard was streaming the new Sonic Frontiers title just before it went live for everyone else, and he got a DMCA strike on his channel as a result. Though, that meant that he was also in line for a Twitch ban, and he even lost his channel partnership as a result

xQc shocked by Rubius Twitch ban over Sonic Frontiers

While the Spaniard has been unbanned from Twitch, some streamers have weighed in on his situation, including xQc. The French-Canadian streamer was alerted to Rubius’ ban prior to starting his God of War: Ragnarok play-through, and he couldn’t quite believe what he’d seen. 

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“That is dank, that is mega dank,” xQc said when he read Rubius’ tweet about being given a code from Sega but not being informed about an embargo. 

“Damn, they cooked him. They cooked him. They sent him the steak and they cooked him. That’s insane.”

As noted, Rubius has already been unbanned from Twitch and returned to the platform with his own stream of God of War. He’s also had his partnership status restored as fans can, once again, subscribe to his channel. 

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Of course, though, you should always be careful when it comes to playing games earlier than planned. You might not be as lucky as the Spaniard.