Fans beg SEGA for Sonic Frontiers delay after ‘terrible’ trailer

Sonic Frontiers story trailerSEGA / Team Sonic

Fans called for SEGA to delay Sonic Frontiers following its gameplay reveal, which many have said looks ‘unpolished’ and ‘clunky.’

IGN revealed Sonic Frontier’s open-world gameplay on June 3 and fans were initially excited to finally see an extended look at the game in action.

Unfortunately, fan sentiment quickly shifted online after the trailer had time to sit with viewers.

Now, many fans are calling for SEGA to delay Sonic Frontiers after many disparaged the current state of the game seen from the trailer.

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Fans want SEGA to delay Sonic Frontiers

Team Sonic
Fans quickly soured on Sonic Frontiers following the 7-minute gameplay reveal which showcased an ’empty’ open-world and ‘unpolished’ mechanics.

The call to delay the game began originated from Evan ‘Mardiculous’, the host of the Sonic the Hedgehog news website Tails’ Channel. 

Evan tweeted that “Fans want to enjoy an increase in polished game offerings, like you enjoyed increased business offers and sales” citing a recent SEGASammy financial graph.

According to Evan, SEGA’s recent financial success from the increasingly popular Sonic the Hedgehog films was the result of fan intervention – a reference to long-time Sonic fan and artist Tyson Hesse being brought on as the lead artist to help redesign Sonic’s movie appearance.

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He ends the post by saying that “It’s time to raise OUR bar. Not SEGA’s,” followed by #DelaySonicFrontiers.

The hashtag #DelaySonicFrontiers briefly trended on Twitter on June 3 with many users adopting the hashtag in their own posts.

“Stiff and clunky as f**k. This is [Sonic] Boom levels of incomplete…Why did they feel this was ready to show off? It looks like a tech demo or a fan game,” writes user @cell_0801.

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Many have highlighted the stiff animations and lack of momentum as the biggest reasons the gameplay looks off, as user @DaveLuty showcased in a short clip.

“I think Sonic Frontiers has problems beyond ‘just delay it,'” he writes after showcasing in-game momentum differences between Sonic Adventure 2 and Sonic Frontiers.

Whether or not SEGA will take fan feedback to heart remains to be seen, but as of right now Sonic Frontiers is still on track to release in Holiday 2022.

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