Apex Legends breaks its player count record on Steam with Season 13 update

David Purcell

Respawn Entertainment has broken another record with Apex Legends Season 13, as more players on Steam poured into the game than ever before. 

The title’s latest major update landed on May 10, bringing with it a number of map changes on Storm Point, weapon buffs and nerfs, as well as the introduction of another Legend called Newcastle.

On the same day, players also discovered a name in the PAK files which hinted at the next Legend’s identity, ramping up the hype for future seasons.

However, the developers won’t have to wait until Season 14 to celebrate a landmark achievement for the battle royale game.

Apex Legends Season 13 sets a new player record

Newcastle in Apex Legends Season 3
Newcastle arrived on May 10, with Season 13.

Judging the hype around big content reshuffles like this can be difficult at times, with social media interactions and trends often indicating as much. Now that the dust has settled on the player side of things, a clearer picture has emerged.

On May 12, SteamCharts data shows that more players on Steam entered the Apex Games than ever before.

The chart below – captured by YouTuber zilke – shows that a record of over 400,000 players has been set. The previous record was 393,116, which was from February 2022.

Aside from the changes noted above, Season 13 has also reworked the way ‘Out of Bounds’ works in Apex Legends, making it much more dangerous to leave the battlefield.

In addition to that, a helmet buff was a feature of the patch, which has clearly been a hit with members of the community playing on PC.

Another tweet from AlphaIntel shows it even went a little higher, towards 412,000.

On Twitch, May 12 data reveals that over 135,000 people are watching streamers play the game.

Will Season 14 eclipse the record set on Steam? We’ll have to wait and see.

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