Shroud and Dr Disrespect rumored to have tested new Titanfall battle royale

There is growing expectation that a free-to-play Titanfall battle royale will be launched on Monday, February 4, and it looks like top streamers shroud and Dr Disrespect have already had some hands-on experience.

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The original leak, by YouTuber TheQuartering, first suggested that the two streamers had been involved in the game’s launch, operating two of the most popular battle royale channels on Twitch.

The biggest clue that the pair had indeed been out to playtest the game, came from Twitter. Both streamers announced that they were taking a ‘day off’ on January 31 – shroud even confirmed it was for “secret stuff” in Los Angeles.

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These two streamers both taking the day away on January 31 for some ‘secret stuff’ is surely no coincidence, and industry insider Rod ‘Slasher’ Breslau has confirmed that the playtest for the the game was indeed in LA.

Expected to be named ‘Apex Legends’, the battle royale game is said to be both announced and playable on Monday, February 4.

Slasher has spoken to one of the attendees at the playtest, remaining anonymous, who gave the game a glowing review.

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Another peculiar hint is that the URL ‘’ directly takes visitors to the Electronic Arts homepage, furthering indicating that the game will be titled ‘Apex Legends’ as rumored.

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Initial reports said that the game would be teased on Saturday, February 2, so the leaks will be proved true or false very soon.

We will keep this story updated with further details as they are revealed about the rumored Titanfall Battle Royale, Apex Legends.