SOURCES: EA to secretly release free-to-play Titanfall battle royale as early as next week - Dexerto

SOURCES: EA to secretly release free-to-play Titanfall battle royale as early as next week

Published: 2/Feb/2019 1:16 Updated: 2/Feb/2019 1:32

by Albert Petrosyan


Reports have surfaced online that point to the development and pending release of a battle royale game as part of the popular Titanfall series. 

Jeremy Hambly,  host of the gaming commentary channel ‘TheQuartering‘ has broken the story of this upcoming Titanfall battle royale game, claiming that he’s received credible insider information about the development of the game.

According to Hambly, that publishers EA will be announcing the game on Monday, February 4, which, interestingly enough, will be the same day that the full-fledged battle royale is released to the public.

According to the information, EA will be making a “pseudo-announcement” on Saturday, February 2, which is likely to come as a teaser and not a formal revelation.

Furthermore, it appears that the game will be free-to-play, which would follow the model that Fortnite Battle Royale has used to unprecedented success.

According to the insider info, this new battle royale will officially be part of the Titanfall series.

Here are some of the highlights of the information and details that Hambly revealed in his video:

  • The official name of the game will be ‘Apex Legends,’ and it will officially be part of the Titanfall series.
  • The game is developed by Respawn Entertainment. 
  • The game is set to be announced and released on February 4 and will be available to play for free immediately.
  • Gameplay will be a crossover between Call of Duty’s Blackout and Rainbow 6 Siege, although with a battle royale format.
  • Teams will consist of a maximum of three players, with each player having a character that compliments the other two teammates.
  • Maps will consists of 60 total players, so a minimum of 20 teams. 
  • There will be micro-transactions for both purchasable cosmetic items and in-game content.

DreamhackBattle royale stars Dr DisRespect and Shroud have apparently both been beta testing this new game ahead of its release.

The YouTuber also revealed that several prominent members of the battle royale community, including streamers Dr DisRespect and Shroud, had been previously invited to beta test Apex Legends, and will be part of the teaser announcement released on February 2.

The only downside to this entire announcement is that Hambly was unable to confirm the validity of his information as Respawn mysteriously ended their communication after he sent them his findings.

This means that the information should be treated as nothing more than rumors and speculation until a formal announcement is made.

You can check out TheQuartering’s full video on this potential Titanfall battle royale down below.

League of Legends

TFT Patch 10.22 hotfix nerfs Morgana after “accidental” buff

Published: 31/Oct/2020 0:36

by Andrew Amos


First it was Warwick, now it’s Morgana. Riot have had to tone back the Enlightened-Dazzler’s power in an October 30 hotfix after TFT Patch 10.22 gave her some “accidental” buffs.

Morgana reigned supreme after TFT Patch 10.22 as one of the best champions in the game. The Dazzler changes, as well as buffs to her spell damage, made the four-cost unit near unstoppable.

It was by pure accident though. TFT lead developer Stephen ‘Mortdog’ Mortimer revealed the Morgana changes weren’t meant to be shipped. However, Riot were keeping an eye on it instead of instantly reverting it.

“We accidentally shipped the [Morgana] change [in TFT Patch 10.22]. This was not intended and due to an error, but we’re going to leave it for now. Will keep an eye on things and undo via a B-Patch next week if necessary,” Mortdog told players on October 28.

However, the buff was too broken. The Morgana changes didn’t even make the weekend after the patch. Riot pulled the changes almost immediately, shipping a hotfix on October 30 ⁠— two days after the update launched.

It was a total revert of the spell damage buff Morgana received on TFT Patch 10.22, back to 250/400/2000 from 325/525/2000.

Morgana wasn’t the only thing touched in the October 30 TFT hotfix. AP items Chalice of Harmony, Jeweled Gauntlet, and Rabadon’s Deathcap were also changed.

Chalice of Harmony and Jeweled Gauntlet stacking has been a popular choice for Ahri compositions, as well as general Mage builds. However, nerfs to Jeweled Gauntlet’s bonus crit damage and Chalice’s bonus spell power should make them a little less appealing.

The big winner of this is the double-rod Rabadon’s Deathcap. It’s receiving a buff to its total spell power, which might make it a bit more appetizing to players.

There’s still potential for a further TFT Patch 10.22 update next week as part of a b-patch. However, it’s likely there won’t be any changes until November 4’s TFT Patch 10.23.

You can find the full TFT Patch 10.22 hotfix notes below.

TFT Patch 10.22 October 30 hotfix notes


  • Morgana Spell Damage: 325/525/2000 > 250/400/2000


  • Chalice of Harmony Bonus Spell Power: 40 > 35
  • Jeweled Gauntlet Crit Damage: 50% > 40%
  • Rabadon’s Deathcap Total Spell Power: 75 > 80