All Rot and hat locations in Kena Bridge of Spirits

Kena Bridge of Spirits Rot and hatsEmber Lab

Kena Bridge of Spirits takes the titular protagonist on a journey of self-discovery, aided by the incredibly cute Rot. Along the way, you’ll uncover these Rot hidden away in various locations, and a whole variety of hats for them to wear as they accompany Kena as she uncovers the mystery of a long-lost village.

As you explore the vast map of Ember Lab’s Kena Bridge of Spirits, you’ll have button prompts that appear which will let you rescue the Rot – the most adorable sidekicks you’ve ever seen. While cute, they can also be deadly and will rush to help you out in battle!

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Throughout the course of the game, you’ll also come across a bounty of different hats to adorn your Rot with – from mushrooms to clovers, fox hats, bows, and even a rusty old pot!


Kena Bridge of Spirits screenshot showing how to find the RotEmber Lab
Many of The Rot will need rescuing from underneath rocks!

Rot locations in Kena Bridge of Spirits

To find The Rot while journeying around the forgotten village as you uncover its secrets, you’ll notice heartbeats as you get close to the location of a Rot. Indicated through a circular icon with an image of the cuddly companion, you can approach it and uncover the critter to add them to your ever-growing team.

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Spirit Masks can also be utilized here to see the world through a spirit’s eyes, showing hidden trails of purple footprints that will lead you close to their location.

Below are all the locations available in Kena Bridge of Spirits:


Ruins map Rot locationsEmber Lab
The Ruins is where you start your journey.

You’ll start your journey here in the Ruins, and will be required to pick up these Rot as part of the opening storyline objective.

The Village

Kena Bridge of Spiirts Village Rot locationsEmber Lab
Head to these marked locations to pick up some more additions to your army of Rot.

In the Village, there are 16 different spots to visit pick up and find these hidden Rots, so make sure to collect them all!

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Taro’s Tree

Taro Tree Kena Bridge of SpiritsEmber Lab
This forested area has far fewer hidden Rots to collect.

As you explore this densely packed forest, make sure to uncover all the rocks you’re able to give these trapped Rots a brand new lease of life to aid you in your adventure.

Rusu Mountain

Rusu MountainEmber Lab
This beautiful area of the map has a total of 13 Rot to find.

While crossing the Gorge and ascending the mountain up to Rusu’s House, you’ll be able to collect 13 more Rot to add to your band of cuteness!

Forgotten Forest

Map locations Forgotten ForestEmber Lab
The Forgotten Forest is home to fewer rot locations to find.

Storehouse and Fields

Locations Map in Kena

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Where to find Rot hats in Kena Bridge of Spirits

Rot hats can be found scattered throughout the Village map, tucked away in secret locations such as barrels and chests.

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These hats provide your cute little band of critters with fun and whimsical styles to give them even more personality than the oodles of charm that they’ve already got.

All the locations for each hat are located below:

Rot Hats on the Kena mapEmber Lab
The map is full to the brim with different hats to uncover.

How to equip hats in Kena Bridge of Spirits

Once you’ve discovered all the Hats in-game, you’ll need to equip them! To do so, simply follow these steps:

  • Locate a Hat Cart (there’s one right in the center of the Village)
  • Interact with it, and a window will pop up.
  • Purchase the number of hats you’d like to assign to your Rot.
  • At the top, there’ll be a tab that says ‘Equip Hats‘ – select that.
  • Now, you’ll be able to equip however many hats you like, depending upon how many you own of a particular style.
  • That’s it! Your Rot will now wear the styles you’ve chosen for them.
Kena Bridge of Spirits quip Rot hatsEmber Lab
Deck your Rot team out in the cutest hats around, from bird nests to feathers!

Make sure to experiment with different styles, and take out the in-game camera to snap pictures of them with the seamlessly integrated photo mode!

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How to get Rusu Mask in Kena Bridge of Spirits

To find Rusu’s Mask in Kena Bridge of Spirits, you’ll need to complete some archery challenges. One of the coolest ‘hats’ that you can pick up during your journey, you’ll be able to get it after being introduced to Rusu high up on the mountain. Simply follow these steps:

  • Reach Rusu Mountain and go through the cutscene with Kena, Rusu, Beni, and Saiya.
  • Head down the path and you’ll come to an open clearing with a large rock surrounded by trees. Approach it and Rusu will appear.
  • Talk to him, and directly behind him, you’ll see a lever that the Rot can pull, starting off an archery trial. Complete it.
  • Around the clearing, you’ll find three other locations that Rusu will appear at. You’ll need to complete all of these tasks.
  • Some of them will have more than one difficulty level to complete – specifically the archery trial at the cliff edge by the Hat Cart.
  • After completing them, you’ll successfully have unlocked the Mask for only one of your Rot team!
Kena, Beni, Saiya and Rusu in Bridge of SpiritsEmber Lab
After completing the archery challenges, you’ll unlock the Rusu Mask for ONE of your Rot.

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So, there you have it. That’s everything you need to know about where to find The Rot and their hats in Kena Bridge of Spirits.

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