All abilities & Rot upgrades in Kena Bridge of Spirits

Kena Bridge of Spirits kena fighting monsterEmber Lab

Kena Bridge of Spirits is a Pixar-style action-adventure title characterized by stunning vistas and fun combat, but just what abilities and upgrades can Kena and the Rot obtain on their adventure? 

One of 2021’s most highly anticipated titles is Ember Lab’s Kena: Bridge of Spirits. Set in a Pixar-inspired universe just teeming with life, players follow Kena on her journey to purify her homeland.

Accompanied by adorable little creatures called The Rot, Kena jumps between her own world and the Spirit Realm in order to cleanse it corruption that’s overtaking the beautiful world. To do so, she’ll need an arsenal of unique abilities to keep her and her furry companions safe.

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So, here’s all of Kena’s in-game abilities and the upgrades available for The Rot.


Kena Bridge of Spirits Kena cleansing evilEmber Lab
In order to start levelling Kena’s abilities, you’ll need some good karma.

How to get Karma in Kena Bridge of Spirits

Before we take a look at Kena’s ability tree, you’ll need to start gathering some Karma. Karma is the game’s XP, which allows you to grow in power and obtain more abilities.

In order to reel in some of the good stuff, you’ll need to:

  • Defeat enemies
  • Restore Garden Patches
  • Clear corruption from Flower shrines
  • Reposition Owl and Cat statues

Kena’s abilities

Once you’ve started wracking up some karma, you can level up Kena’s combat prowess. While the sequence is pretty linear, however, we’ve got some of her abilities and what they do listed below, with more expected to drop for her Spirit Bomb and Spirit Bow:

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Ability Description
Parry Counter After parrying, perform a spinning attack.
Parry Courage Gain a Rot Action when you successfully parry an enemy attack.
Shield Health + The strength of Kena’s shield is enhanced.
Shield Health ++ The strength of Kena’s shield is enhanced.
Perfect Charge Release a Heavy Attack with precise timing to deal massive damage.
Air Slam Perform a devastating overhead attack from the air.
Sprint Attack Light While sprinting, perform a quick sweeping attack.
Sprint Attack Heavy While sprinting, perform a powerful overhead attack.
Focus Briefly slow time while drawing your bow.
Bind Multishot When shooting a bound enemy, your arrow will split and damage nearby enemies.
Increased Quiver Kena can fire five arrows before the Spirit Bow has to recharge.
Increased Quiver ++ Kena can fire six arrows before the Spirit Bow has to recharge.
Quickdraw Bomb Bomb damage is increased if Kena shoots the Bomb before it explodes on its own.
Multi Bomb Unlock the ability to create two bombs at one time.
Spirit Dash Allows Kena to pass through barriers into the spirit realm, as well as dodge attacks and stun enemies in combat.

All Rot Upgrades in Kena Bridge of Spirits

Kena’s not the only one that’s preparing to vanquish the darkness, though. Her adorable fluffy companions are ready to take the fight to evil undoing their homeland.

All of the Rot Upgrades available in Kena Bridge of Spirits so far are listed below:

Rot Upgrade Description
Rot Hammer Create a Rot Hammer that can strike from a distance.
Enter the Fray Start combat with one Rot Action available.
Rot-Infused Arrow Create a Rot-infused arrow which pierces enemies.
Rot-Infused Bomb

Once detonated, the Rot Bomb slows nearby enemies and projectiles.

So that’s it for Kena’s abilities and Rot Upgrades in Kena: Bridge of Spirits! For all of the latest news on Ember Lab’s newest adventure, be sure to check out our dedicated page.

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