How to restore the God Tree Shrine in Kena: Bridge of Spirits

Kena Bridge of Spirits God Tree ShrineEmber Lab

There are four Forgotten Forest Shrines in Kena Bridge of Spirits, but it’s the God Tree Shrine that appears to be giving players the most trouble.

As you make your way through the spectacular and charming world of Kena: Bridge of Spirits. there are a variety of collectibles to discover and tasks to complete within the game.

When traversing the Forgotten Forest, it’s your job to restore the Ancient Shrines to open the Guardian Tree. That means clearing out the corruption from the Water, Fishing, Woods, and of course, the God Tree Shrine.

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While all four of these Shrines can be a challenge to complete, the God Tree Shrine is proving the most difficult for the majority of players.

To simplify the process, we’ve broken down exactly how to locate, climb, and restore the Shrine.


Where is the God Tree Shrine in Kena Bridge of Spirits?

Kena Bridge of Spirits God Tree ShrineEmber Lab
Here’s the location of the God Tree Shrine.

The God Tree Shrine is located in the Forgotten Forest, a region situated on the eastern section of the World map. In order to access this area, you’ll need to progress through the story until Rosu tells you to meet them there.

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Once inside the Forgotten Forest, Rosu will explain that the Tree Shrines have been corrupted and will task you with restoring them. At this point, the location of each Shrine will be marked on the map.

So, simply open your world map, head to the God Tree Shrine, and prepare for a climb!

How to climb the God Tree Shrine in Kena Bridge of Spirits

Kena God Tree ShrineEmber Lab/Warby Gaming
Shoot the blue flower next to the God Tree to begin the climb.

In order to begin the climb up to The God Tree, follow these steps:

  • Make your way around the base of the tree until you see a Blue Flower.
  • Fire your arrow at it, and it will bring you up to the first platform.
  • From there, climb up to the ledge above, and turn 180 degrees to the ledge that’s behind you.
  • Jump across, and from there, it’s a case of using your parkour skills and jumping onto the ledges marked with white paint.

After shuffling your way across a set of overhanging ledges you’ll see another blue flower located on a tree opposite. Shoot your arrow over to the other side, and then use the wooden cable car contraption to move across to a higher ledge on the God Tree.

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Again, continue to ascend the tree using parkour, looking out for ledges marked with white paint. Finally, you’ll see another Blue Flower opposite the God tree, shoot it, and then return by jumping over a set of ledges to the Shrine. This is where you’ll see the corruption that needs to be banished.

Now you’ve reached the top, it’s time to complete the task set by Rosu.

How to defeat the God Tree Shrine enemies

Kena God Shrine enemiesEmber Lab/Warby Gaming
There are multiple enemies to defeat to restore the God Shrine.

After reaching the corruption you’ll need to defeat a set of enemies to restore the Shrine and complete Rosu’s task. Standing in your way will be three purple-eyed monkeys that shoot ranged attacks, alongside a whole host of flying insects and melee enemies that can teleport to your location.

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  • For the insects, it’s best to use range to one-shot them out of the skies, and for the melee monsters, it’s just a case DPSing them down as quickly as possible.

The real threats of the God Shrine are the purple-eyed monkeys that shoot explosive range attacks.

  • To take them down, use your arrow to jump to each platform using the blue flowers, allowing you to escape their projectiles and attack them from a distance.

Remember to constantly switch between the platforms, as this will ensure you never become overwhelmed by corrupted creatures. After all of the enemies are defeated, simply restore the Shrine by sending your Rot to the flower, and using your Pulse skill when close to it, or you arrow from a distance to restore the corruption.

So, there you have it, that’s exactly how to restore the God Tree Shrine and complete Rosu’s task in Kena Bridge of Spirits. Don’t forget to check out our Kena homepage for a selection of guides to help you on your playthrough!

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