PlayStation 5 may drop in price soon as console revamp rumors rise

Brianna Reeves
ps5 price drop

Reports of a supposed PS5 price drop have surfaced as talk about the alleged PS5 Slim model continues to pick up steam.

After selling like hotcakes around the globe, the PS4 received its first price cut in October 2015 on the eve of the console’s two-year anniversary.

The $400 hardware dropped to $350 in North America as a result, a shrewd choice given the then-upcoming holiday season. It paid dividends, too, considering the console moved 5.7 million units during the holiday season, a 39 percent year-over-year increase.

Naturally, many are wondering when the current-gen console will get the same treatment, especially since PS5 experienced a price hike in multiple regions last year. PlayStation President Jim Ryan said “high global inflation rates” inspired the decision.

While it doesn’t seem that a permanent price reduction is on the horizon, Sony may at least have a discount promotion in the works.

Industry insider hints at imminent PS5 price drop

Reliable industry insider billbil-kun recently shared a tweet suggesting PS5 would soon garner a price drop in the US, the UK, and Germany. Apparently, that’s not actually the case.

Writing for Dealabs, the leaker later noted that a temporary sale will reduce the cost of PS5 in the aforementioned regions.

The reportedly upcoming promotion will see the console’s pricing change as follows for a limited time:

  • United States: $50 discount, from $499.99 to $449.99
  • United Kingdom: £75 discount, from £479.99 to £404.99
  • Germany: 75€ discount, from €549.99 euros to €474.99 euros

Should the reporting prove accurate, these sale prices will be valid through PlayStation Direct and several retailers, including the likes of Amazon, Target, GAME UK, and MediaMarkt.

This PS5 price drop will allegedly be part of an as-yet-unannounced Sony promotion. When it will begin and how long it may last is not currently known.

Notably, this could mark the first time that Sony’s officially dropped the console’s price in the US – albeit temporarily. And after the previously mentioned price hike raised the cost in the UK from £449.99 to £479.99, the discount could prove very enticing.

But, as always, until Sony announces the supposed PlayStation 5 sale itself, it’s best to take all of the above with a grain of salt.

Still, such a claim is interesting since rumors of a PS5 Slim have been making waves for months. Uncorroborated reports indicate the streamlined hardware could arrive as early as September 2023 at the same price point as the $400 PS5 Digital Edition.