PS5 exclusive Returnal could be coming to Steam according to new leak

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selene sat on bed in returnal

Steam could be gearing up to welcome the PlayStation 5-exclusive shooter Returnal. The database has a new entry that suggests Housemarque’s third-person title is on its way to the Steam store.

Housemarque’s insane, bullet-hell roguelike had a very successful launch on Sony’s PS5 and we personally felt Returnal was a “must-play PS5 exclusive.”

The game has been supported since with various patches to alleviate some niggling trophy issues and add co-op multiplayer to allow a friend to join in the chaos. Now, it appears as if the next major step for Returnal is to bring the game to Steam to broaden the game’s horizons and expose it to a bigger market.

selene fighting enemies in returnal
High-tech PCs could do wonders for the already astounding visuals.

Returnal reportedly heading to Steam store

As we’ve seen in the last few years, Sony have eased up on the availability of their PlayStation-exclusive titles by allowing them to receive a PC port.

Industry goliaths such as God of War and Horizon have already made their presence felt on PC and it’s expected that Sony are open to allowing more exclusive titles to transition to the mouse and keyboard format.

The newest leak suggests that the next game will actually be Returnal. The game caused a storm when it was released in 2021 with its outrageously pretty graphics and surprisingly steep difficulty curve. Nevertheless, the game was a success, and a Steam listing indicates that it won’t be tied to just PlayStation for much longer.

A new listing called “Oregon” has a ton of mentions in its changelist that can be traced back to Returnal. Outside of general ones like “In Bossfight” and “Exploring,” there are plenty of Returnal-specific mentions such as “Astropos” and “Tower of Sisyphus.”

selene fighting nemesis boss in ps5 returnal
Anyone who’s not already experienced Returnal is in for a treat.

Astropos is the planet where Returnal is set and Tower of Sisyphus is a new endless mode for 2022.

If we scroll even further down the list, we can also see additional tags: “Rogue-like,” “Bullet Hell,” and even “Female Protagonist.”

We don’t need a sophisticated Venn diagram to put the pieces together, it’s fairly clear that Returnal is more than likely heading to Steam. If it does, we’re not 100% when as of yet. Once the announcement is official, we’ll be able to update you here at Dexerto.

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