PS5 exclusive Returnal could be coming to Steam according to new leak

selene sat on bed in returnalHousemarque

Steam could be gearing up to welcome the PlayStation 5-exclusive shooter Returnal. The database has a new entry that suggests Housemarque’s third-person title is on its way to the Steam store.

Housemarque’s excellent horror roguelike game, Returnal, had a very successful launch on Sony’s PS5 and we personally felt Returnal was a must-play in our review of the PS5 exclusive.

The game has been supported since release with various patches to alleviate some niggling trophy issues and add co-op multiplayer to allow a friend to join in the chaos. Now, it appears as if the next major step for Returnal is to bring the game to Steam so that more players can enjoy it’s sci-fi horror delights.

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selene fighting enemies in returnalHousemarque
High-tech PCs could do wonders for the already astounding visuals.

Returnal reportedly heading to Steam store

In the last few years, Sony has been more willing to allow PlayStation-exclusive titles to receive a PC port and Returnal may be next in line for this treatment. Triple-A games such as God of War and Horizon have already made an appearance on PC in recent memory, so it would make sense for Returnal to also come to PC.

The original leak showed a Steam listing called Project “Oregon” which was suspected to be the game on PC. Now, the word Returnal has been spotted within the mystery title’s save game files, meaning that this listing is more than likely Returnal on PC. 

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However, no formal announcement has been made as of yet, therefore take this with a pinch of salt. Yet, it seems increasingly likely that the game will be making its way to PC in the near future.

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