MultiVersus devs confirm highly requested lab feature is in the works

Bugs Bunny, Batman, and more characters from MultiVersusWarner Bros. Interactive

MultiVersus players will be able to study hitboxes in the game’s lab, as game director Tony Huynh confirms the vital feature is coming in a future patch.

Warner Brothers’ free-to-play brawler MultiVersus is already proving to be a hit addition to the fighting genre. Bringing a roster of familiar and legendary characters together, each one of them requires attention to detail to truly master them.

To achieve such mastery, players are eager to know every fraction of knowledge regarding a character’s hitbox, to ensure each hit lands in combat.

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To aid with this, MultiVersus game director Tony Huynh has put players minds at ease by elaborating on a highly requested feature.

Tony Huynh confirms vital hitbox feature for MultiVersus

A frustrating issue for many MultiVersus players is the lack of visualisation for hitboxes. For those who aren’t familiar with them, hitboxes are invisible boundary around character models that determine how other characters can collide with it.

With MultiVersus characters such as Finn showcasing just how chaotic the game can be, Twitter user @Boi_1001 reached out to game director Tony Huynh: “Can you add a “show hitboxes” option to the lab?”

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Huynh responded to their question, which was included in a thread aimed at the game’s mechanics: “yes, we’re still working on our hitbox system and then we’ll be addressing this.”

The thread in question demonstrated how Brawlhalla World Champion, @GDSandstorm, was defeated by “air” within the game.

Huynh stated that the developers are currently “testing a fix for this” aspect of the game. The Lab feature of MultiVersus is essential for learning the intricate details of any character on the roster.

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While it is useful for practice and killing time between matches, adding deeper features like hitbox visualisation will increase its functionality in the game.

While a specific date hasn’t been clarified for when the feature will arrive, it is likely to be included after EVO 2022.

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