MultiVersus devs confirm “anyone” is a possible DLC fighter and not just WB characters

Microsoft/Warner Bros

MultiVersus, the upcoming Smash Bros-style fighting game coming from Warner Bros, has confirmed that DLC fighters coming to the game won’t be limited to the WB universe of characters.

MultiVersus was officially announced on November 18 as the next big competitor to Super Smash Bros as a platform fighter comprised of tons of star characters.

Some of the more notable characters announced included Batman, Arya Stark, Wonder Woman, and Bugs Bunny.

Now, more news has dropped that has fans excited over characters that could potentially be joining the fight.

Warner Bros
MultiVersus is planning on a release sometime in 2022.

MultiVersus potential roster

Player First Games held a Q&A with its fan base and answered a question about potential characters in MultiVerse that could be added in the future.

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PFG developer ‘Veigar’ was asked: “Is it possible we have second party characters?”

They responded: “Yes, anything is possible. There’s a reason we didn’t name the game WB Brawlers.”

The answer indicated that the devs have their eyes set on some big-name characters being added to the roster, even from outside of Warner Bros properties.

The MultiVersus developer answered another question regarding if there are any limits to who can be added to the roster, to which they answered: “We have some high-level goals for the overall roster but anyone from anywhere is possible.”

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Clearly, the ambitions are quite high for MultiVersus, and hopefully, more info drops soon on exactly who they have their eyes set on.