Everything in Marvel Snap The Power Cosmic Season: Silver Surfer card, Collector’s Tokens

Marvel Snap The Power Cosmic Season cover artMarvel / Second Dinner

Marvel Snap’s next season is just around the corner as The Power Cosmic draws near. From a new card in Silver Surfer to a highly anticipated feature in Collector’s Tokens, here’s an early rundown on everything there is to know about the major update.

Although Warriors of Wakanda is still in focus for the time being, Marvel Snap developers have already teased what’s to come in the next season. Having been labeled the “best season yet” by Ben Brode himself, there’s plenty to be excited about.

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From the arrival of Collector’s Tokens to the debut of Silver Surfer and of course, the usual mix of new seasonal rewards, it’s shaping up to be the biggest content drop since emerging from Closed Beta.

So before The Power Cosmic Season gets underway, be sure to brush up on everything we already know about Marvel Snap’s next big update.


Marvel / Second Dinner

Marvel Snap: The Power Cosmic Season dates

Marvel Snap’s The Power Cosmic Season is set to go live on Tuesday, December 6 at 7PM PT. This coincides with the end of Warriors of Wakanda, lending to a seamless transition between the two seasons.

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As always, the upcoming season is expected to last for a full month, likely running through until Tuesday, January 3, 2023.

Marvel Snap: The Power Cosmic Season price

No different from usual, the next season in Marvel Snap is expected to follow the usual structure, providing three options in which to engage with the Season Pass.

For starters, players can simply continue on without spending a dime, unlocking free rewards just by grinding for free. However, those looking to get every single reward up for grabs will need to buy in at one of two price points.

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The Premium Season Pass is available for $9.99 which grants access to the premium reward track, allowing you to unlock all exclusive items in the season. However, a more expensive option exists in the Premium+ for $14.99, instantly unlocking the first 10 Tiers.

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New Silver Surfer card in Marvel Snap: The Power Cosmic Season

Arriving in Marvel Snap’s The Power Cosmic Season is none other than Silver Surfer. This iconic Marvel character joins as a 3 Cost | 0 Power card that On Reveal, gives your other 3-Cost cards + 3 Power.

While he forgoes any Power of his own, dropping Silver Surfer onto a board with other 3-Cost cards provides a unique buff. When combined with the likes of Wong or even Cerebro, there’s plenty of potential here for your deck to dominate.

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Marvel Snap Silver Surfer cardMarvel / Second Dinner
Silver Surfer arrives in Marvel Snap’s next season.

Collector’s Tokens arrive in The Power Cosmic Season

Also launching as part of The Power Cosmic update are Collector’s Tokens. This new currency allows players to directly purchase their most desired cards, rather than relying on luck in the Collection Level track.

Through a new Token Shop, specific cards will be on rotation every eight hours. But if you find one you’ve really been after, you can pin it in the store while you save up enough Tokens to make the purchase.

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You can read up on just how Collector’s Tokens and the Token Shop work right here.

Tons of new cards in Pools 4 & 5

Last but not least, The Power Cosmic Season also marks the launch of both Pool 4 and Pool 5. A wide range of new and extremely rare cards are being added in this upcoming season as these two tiers join the mix.

Below is a full rundown on every new card we know about thus far:

PoolCardCostPowerCard Ability
4She-Hulk610Costs 1 less for each unspent Energy last turn.
4Titania15When ANY card is played at this location, this card switches sides.
4Luke Cage21Ongoing: Your cards can’t have their Power reduced.
4Absorbing Man43On Reveal: If the last card you played has an On Reveal ability, this card copies it.
4Maria Hill23On Reveal: Add a random 1-Cost card to your hand.
4Agent Coulson34On Reveal: Add a random 4-cost and 5-cost card to your hand.
4Helicarrier610When you discard this from your hand, replace it with 3 random cards.
4M’Baku12If this is in your deck at the end of the game, it leaps to a random location.
4Attuma410If you have another card here at the end of your turn, destroy this.
4Orka69Ongoing: +5 Power if this is your only card here.
5Galactus63On Reveal: If this is your only card here, destroy all other locations.
5Valkyrie53On Reveal: Set ALL cards at this location to 3 Power.
5Super Skrull42Ongoing: Has the Ongoing effects of all enemy cards.
5Shuri42On Reveal: Double the Power of the next card you play.
5Bast11On Reveal: Set the Power of all cards in your hand to 3.
5Thanos68At the start of the game, shuffle the six Infinity Stones into your deck.
5Thanos (Mind Stone)11On Reveal: Draw 2 Stones from your deck.
5Thanos (Power Stone)13Ongoing: If you’ve played all 6 stones, Thanos has +10 Power. (wherever he is)
5Thanos (Reality Stone)11On Reveal: Transform this location into a new one. Draw a card.
5Thanos (Soul Stone)11On Reveal: Draw a card. Ongoing: Enemy cards here have -1 Power.
5Thanos (Space Stone)11On Reveal: Next turn you can move 1 card at this location. Draw a card.
5Thanos (Time Stone)11On Reveal: Gain +1 Energy next turn. Draw a card.

So that’s all we know about Marvel Snap’s next season at this stage. We’ll be sure to keep you posted here over the coming days as further details emerge in the leadup to The Power Cosmic update.

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