Pro Overwatch 2 team shows how using Symmetra for just two seconds wins matches

Michael Gwilliam
Symmetra in Overwatch 2

A couple of Overwatch League teams showed exactly why players are better off using Symmetra’s Teleporter from spawn on King of the Hill maps.

Ever since Symmetra’s most-recent rework, teams have put her Teleporter ability to great use – even when they don’t include her as part of the hero composition.

By using the Teleporter from spawn, players can get a huge boost to get to the point early, and pros have been using this strategy for ages now. But on Sunday, the New York Excelsior decided not to, and it cost them dearly.

In the deciding game of the 2-2 series, The San Francisco Shock and NYXL headed to a decisive round on Lijiang Tower, with the former opting to use Symmetra, if only for a brief moment.

OWL pros show why teams must take Symmetra spawn Teleporter

To begin the round, the Shock opted to have Proper start on the Symmetra just to use the Teleporter out of spawn, while the Excelsior decided to just use a Lucio speed boost.

Even though Proper would switch to the Sojourn soon thereafter and mirror their opponent’s composition, those brief moments on the Symmetra would pay dividends, as the Shock were able to begin in a much better position.

(segment begins at 1:30:30)

Just as the commentators explained, the NYXL were just a bit late getting to the point area, thus making them a bit more vulnerable, which is all it took.

Making use of the Teleporter, the Shock were able to quickly eliminate NYXL players, win the first fight, and snowball that into a successful map and OWL match victory.

If you’re a DPS player in a ranked game, just remember that this is a very easy habit to get into and could end up helping you win more games. Just go Symmetra for a couple of seconds and help your team get to the point faster. One small adjustment can change everything.

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