Lost Ark animated series revealed: Release date, how to watch, more

Connor Knudsen
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Lost Ark is an MMOARPG that has just hit Western audiences recently, and the popular game is now getting its own animated series.

While many South Korean players have had their hands on Lost Ark since 2018, the game just made its appearance to Western audiences in late 2021.

Compared heavily to its fellow Amazon Games MMO, New World, Lost Ark has had much better reception since its Western beta launch, and a new animated series based on the game looks to keep the momentum rolling.

Here’s everything we know about the Heroes of Arkesia reveal, including the release date, how to watch, and its plot.

Lost Ark animated series release date

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Heroes of Arkesia officially debuts on November 16, don’t miss it!

According to the trailer put out on the Lost Ark Twitter on November 10, Lost Ark’s new animated series, Heroes of Arkesia, looks to debut its first episode on November 16.

In this announcement, devs also tease the ending of the game’s Closed Beta, as the game looks ahead to its official Western free-to-play debut in early 2022.

How to watch Lost Ark animated series

As of the time of this article’s publication, we do not yet know what platforms the series will be streamed on; however, we will provide updates as soon as they are made available.

Our best guess, seeing that the game is being made by Amazon Games, is that the series will be able to be streamed on Prime Video.

Lost Ark animated series plot

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Lost Ark’s new show will feature some of the game’s most signature elements.

While we know very little about the specific direction Heroes of Arkesia will take, it’s likely to generally follow the Lost Ark plotline.

In Lost Ark, players are faced with the return of an evil demon king named Kazeros, who was once banished with a relic called the Ark.

While the trailer calls the Ark lost and forgotten, it also shows images of some heroes that refuse to give up the fight.

The show is likely to feature dragons, demons, and many of the other beautiful beasts of Arkesia. And while it may not be clear yet who our main protagonist will be, its clear they’ll be up against quite the challenge at hand.

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