Like A Dragon: Infinite Wealth difficulty settings explained

Rishabh Sabarwal
Dwight and Ichiban in Like a Dragon Infinite Wealth

Wondering where are the difficulty settings in Like a Dragon: Infinite Wealth? Here’s how you can change them.

The Yakuza video game series exemplifies the potential of a compelling narrative, fully realized characters, and an exciting combination of action and drama. The series has maintained its global appeal with each successive installment, which builds upon the achievements of its forerunner.

The PlayStation 2 was the first platform to receive the Yakuza series called “Ryū ga Gotoku” in Japan which means “Like a Dragon” in English. Thanks to the game’s popularity, a series was born that has subsequently graced several platforms, with the latest outing Like A Dragon: Infinite Wealth now available on PC while PlayStation and Xbox console users will have to wait another day.

Ichiban and Kazuya in Like a Dragon Infinite Wealth
The only two difficulties in the game are locked behind a paywall.

An element that gripped most fans of the video game series was the wide range of difficulty settings it provided for players who were new to such RPG titles where hand-to-hand combat is key. However, the previous Yakuza mainline game Like a Dragon locked those settings behind the New Game +.

Concerning the latest title, here’s where you can find the difficulty settings in Like a Dragon: Infinite Wealth and change them.

Can you change difficulty settings in Like a Dragon: Infinite Wealth base game?

You cannot change difficulty in the game settings if you own the $69.99 Standard Edition of Like a Dragon: Infinite Wealth. This time around as well, Ryu Ga Gotoku Studio and SEGA have locked the three available difficulty settings, which are Normal, Hard, and Legend, behind the New Game+.

Like a Dragon Infinite Wealth Battle Speed
Players can change the Battle Speed for easier combat in the game.

However, the New Game+ is only available to owners of the $84.99 Deluxe Edition and the $109.99 Ultimate Edition, which means only they can change the game difficulty. If you’re looking for an easier difficulty to enjoy the storyline, sadly the game does not allow you to change the difficulty but provides several options to change your combat speed and technique settings.

How to change difficulty settings in New Game+

Once you have your hands on an eligible copy of Like A Dragon: Infinite Wealth that contains the New Game+, follow these steps to change the difficulty settings:

  1. Launch the game
  2. Head over to the settings menu
  3. Click on Game Settings
  4. Navigate to Difficulty Level
  5. Choose your preferred level and you’re done!

Furthermore, the game now contains two achievements once you complete the New Game+ on various difficulty levels. They are:

  • We’re Probably the Best! – Complete New Game+ on Hard difficulty
  • We’re Definitely the Best! – Complete New Game+ on Legend difficulty

So the next time you’re out there roaming the streets of Ijincho or the beaches of Honolulu, steer clear of enemies. However, if you come across any, unleash your inner Yakuza and fight for glory.

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