How long is Like A Dragon: Infinite Wealth? Main story length & completionist run

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Wondering how much time you can spend in Like a Dragon: Infinite Wealth? Here’s everything you need to know about how long it takes to beat the game’s main campaign and a completionist run.

The latest entry in the beloved Yakuza franchise has arrived, and Like a Dragon: Infinite Wealth looks to continue to story of newcomer Ichiban Kasuga, while also letting players take control of longtime series icon Kazuma Kiryu.

With a new overseas setting to explore, plenty of wacky minigames, and exciting turn-based battles, Infinite Wealth looks to be a massive RPG experience but before you dive into Ichiban’s newest adventure, you may want to know exactly how much time you can spend in the game.

So, here’s everything we know about how long Like a Dragon: Infinite Wealth is, including its main story, and a completionist run.

yakuza like a dragon infinite wealth ichiban and joryu
Like A Dragon: Infinite Wealth is expected to be the longest game of the series.

How Long is Like A Dragon: Infinite Wealth? Main Story Length & Completionist Run

For those focusing solely on the main storyline, Like A Dragon: Infinite Wealth is set to be a marathon, not a sprint. Yokoyama’s comments hint at a story mode far exceeding the typical 45-50 hours in earlier games. You should brace yourself for a narrative journey that could easily stretch beyond 60 hours.

But for the completionists out there, Infinite Wealth promises even more. Side content, including the customizable Dondoko Island tropical resort, adds layers of depth and hours of additional gameplay. These elements could push the total gameplay time to over 100 hours, offering a truly expansive Yakuza experience.

The game’s turn-based mechanics, a shift from the traditional action combat of Yakuza, coupled with investigation elements, contribute to this extended playtime. These features add variety and depth, encouraging players to dive deeper into the game’s world.

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