Yakuza players furious as New Game+ locked behind paywall in new Like A Dragon

Rishabh Sabarwal
Like a Dragon Infinite Wealth cover

Yakuza players are blasting devs for locking New Game+ behind a paywall in the new Like a Dragon Infinite Wealth game. Here’s what they said.

When comparing the action-adventure, beat ’em up, and role-playing game genres, SEGA and Ryu Ga Gotoku Studio’s Yakuza series has an unrivaled history. Inspired by yakuza films and pre-millennial Japanese crime dramas, the storyline basis of each mainline game of the franchise is usually a crime drama.

Kazuma Kiryu, a rehabilitated Yakuza linked to the Tojo Clan in Kanto, is the protagonist who appears most often in the main Yakuza game series. Players take control of Ichiban Kasuga, Kazuma Kiryu, and their respective party members in the upcoming mainline Yakuza game Like a Dragon: Infinite Wealth, while exploring Honolulu City in Hawaii and the Isezaki Ijincho area of Yokohama.

Ichiban rides a dolphin in Like a Dragon Infinite Wealth
Ichiban can ride a dolphin in Like a Dragon Infinite Wealth.

Just before the release, Yakuza fans are going ballistic over the fact that the next game’s New Game+ feature is locked behind a paywall. Here’s how the fans expressed their disappointments on social media.

Yakuza fans blast devs for locking New Game+ behind paywall in new Like a Dragon

The New Game+ feature is only available in the Deluxe and Ultimate Editions of the upcoming Like a Dragon: Infinite Wealth game, according to a Reddit user named iNomNomAwesome’s image that shows the digital edition comparison.

Although the $69.99 Standard Edition of the next Yakuza game does not come with the New Game+ functionality, the $84.99 Deluxe Edition and the $109.99 Ultimate Edition do. As soon as fans noticed this on the official website, they flooded the Reddit thread with comments criticizing SEGA’s decision.

One such user said, “Well that sounds bloody stupid.” Another chimed in, “It’s like they expect us to have, infinite wealth or something.”

However, a third user argued and commented, “Honestly, I think the locked NG+ isn’t even the worst of this release; the worst is that two major “jobs” (character classes) are locked behind the preorder, meaning that even if you spent full price on the ultimate edition, you still won’t receive two major gameplay aspects just because you took the sensible option of waiting.”

While Like a Dragon: Infinite Wealth continues to be in public light due to said controversy, our review praised it for being one of the best games in the mainline Yakuza series.

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