LeBron James DLC fighter rumored for WB’s Smash Ultimate rival ‘Multiversus’

Warner Bros

A new leak emerged that claims LeBron James could be a DLC fighter in the new Warner Brothers fighting game ‘Multiversus.’

On October 25, a leak on Reddit claimed Warner Bros is working on a “tag team” game styled after Smash Ultimate.

According to that info, the game, titled “Multiversus,” was in the works long before Nickelodeon All-Stars was even announced, and will feature a wide variety of Warner Bros characters. This includes Gandalf, Shaggy, and apparently, LeBron James himself.

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LeBron James as a fighting game character?

LeBron2K Games
King James has been in plenty of basketball games, but a fighting game appearance would be a first for the star.

How does LeBron James fit into a WB fighting game, you ask? Look no further than Space Jam 2, which was produced by Warner Bros, and starred the famous athlete.

On October 25, games journalist Jeff Grubb, who backed up the initial leak as well, said he had heard “discussions” about James being one of Multiversus’ first DLC fighters.

“Multiversus will definitely lean into the ‘which character will they announce next’ meta game that Smash perfected,” Grubb tweeted. “I can’t confirm that this will go through, but I’ve heard that there are discussions of LeBron James, the character from Space Jam who hates video games, being one of the first DLC fighters.”

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Grubb also mentioned another very interesting possibility for a Multiversus fighter besides James: Tony Soprano. As Warner Bros owns the distribution rights to The Sopranos TV show, it’s entirely possible the mobster could be included as well.

To be clear, this leak, and the Multiversus game itself, hasn’t been confirmed by any official source just yet. But, the idea of Gandalf taking on LeBron is so wild you just have to admire it, even if it’s not a sure thing.

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