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Is For Honor crossplay? Cross-platform guide for Xbox, PlayStation, & PC

Published: 12/Dec/2021 19:02 Updated: 13/Dec/2021 11:14

by Julian Young


For Honor offers gruesome (and heart-pumping) action across consoles and PC, and plenty of fans want to know if Ubisoft’s hack-and-slash title comes with crossplay. Luckily, we’ve got you covered with everything you need to know.

Released back in 2017, For Honor breathed fresh air into the hack-and-slash genre with its take on up-close-and-personal combat, which has captivated a die-hard fanbase since it first launched.

While titles like Chivalry 2 and Mordau offer a more traditional take on hand-to-hand combat, For Honor’s combination of unique factions and gameplay mechanics combine to provide a truly unique experience.

Ubisoft continually updates the title with new and exciting content — including some next-gen enhancements for those on Xbox Series X|S and PS5 consoles, but does For Honor have crossplay? We’ve got a full breakdown for you right here.



For Honor Frozen Shores Update Year 4 Crossplay Cross Platform
Ubisoft continues to update For Honor with substantial content drops.

Is For Honor crossplay?

Currently, For Honor does not offer crossplay functionality. While many triple AAA games released today include crossplay from the get-go, developer Ubisoft has not added the feature to For Honor at this time.

Although crossplay is largely standard in the current games market, when For Honor was released most multiplayer titles didn’t offer the feature either — with popular games like Fortnite only beginning to incorporate cross-platform lobbies in 2018, or later.

Even though For Honor doesn’t offer crossplay between different platforms, there is some good news: players on Xbox One and Xbox Series X|S are pooled together, while the same goes for PS4 and PS5, so you’ll be able to enjoy a larger matchmaking pool (at least within your own console family).


For Honor Ubisoft Hackl and Slash Multiplayer Game Crossplay Features
You can’t slice your way through opponents on other platforms yet, but that could change.

When will crossplay come to For Honor?

While there’s no official confirmation of when (or even if) crossplay might make its way to For Honor, it’s not all doom and gloom for fans who want the feature to be added.

Ubisoft has previously stated that they “will have more info to share on crossplay features for each of our titles in the future,” which seems to indicate they’re at least looking into adding crossplay to For Honor at some point.

The studio has also implemented crossplay and cross-progression for other titles that lacked those features at launch, like Rainbow Six Siege, so fans of Ubisoft’s hack-and-slash experience could see those systems land in their own title further down the road.


So, there you have it: that’s all the info we have on crossplay in For Honor at the moment. We’ll make sure to keep you updated on any further developments, and you can check out some other helpful Ubisoft guides in the meantime:

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