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For Honor Characters guide: Every hero in the game explained

Published: 18/Dec/2021 1:14

by Bill Cooney


For Honor features a ton of playable characters to hack and slash away at enemies with. If you’re trying to decide which one to play, we’ve got you covered right here.

Ubisoft’s For Honor lets players battle it out with a variety of ferocious warriors. There are 29 in total, all broken up into four distinct classes.

These classes are: Vanguard, Heavies, Assassins, and Hybrid. Here, we’ll go through the characters in each, and what sets them apart from one another.

For Honor Vanguard characters

Vanguard characters are some of the most recognizable in For Honor.

Vanguard characters are well-balanced warriors with good offensive and defensive options. They are incredibly flexible and able to square off against any of the other hero types in the game.


When used as part of a team, they’re able to step up and take on any challenge required to walk away with the W. Here are all of the Vanguard heroes in For Honor, along with the faction they belong to:

  • Wardens (Knights)
  • Raiders (Vikings)
  • Kensei (Samurai)
  • Tiandi (Wu Lin)
  • Warmonger (Knights)

For Honor Heavies characters

Heavies, as the name suggests, are some of the tankiest characters in For Honor.

Heavies are built for defense, with high resistance and kits focused around repelling damage rather than dealing it out. That being said though, they can definitely still hold their own in a fight.

Some are able to deal hits that are incredibly slow, but deal incredible amounts of damage at the same time. Veteran Heavy players know the importance of patience, and waiting for the perfect time to strike. All the Heavy characters in For Honor are listed below, along with their faction:


  • Conquerors (Knights)
  • Warlord (Vikings)
  • Shugoki (Samurai)
  • Jiang Jun (Wu Lin)
  • Black Priors (Knights)
  • Hitokiri (Samurai)
  • Jormungandr (Vikings)

For Honor Assassin characters

Silent and deadly? That’s what the Assassins are all about.

While Heavies are focused on defense, Assassins are focused almost purely on offense. They lack defensive options in their kits, but are quick enough to dodge incoming attacks to make up for that.

This sneaky class offer a wide variety of offensive attacks, and with their speed they’re great for hunting down enemies who wander off on their own. Here are all of the Assassin characters in For Honor:

  • Peacekeepers (Knights)
  • Berserkers (Vikings)
  • Orochi (Samurai)
  • Shinobi (Samurai)
  • Gladiators (Knights)
  • Shaman (Vikings)
  • Nuxia (Wu Lin)

For Honor Hybrid characters

Hybrids are a mix between two of the other For Honor classes.

Hybrid characters in For Honor are most notable for being a mix of two of the other three types of Heroes — Assassins, Heavies and Vanguards.

They may be harder to understand to play due to their unique mechanics, but they’re some of the most lethal in the hands of players who takes the time to learn how they tick. Here are the Hybrid characters in For Honor:


  • Lawbringers (Knights)
  • Valkyrie (Vikings)
  • Nobushi (Samurai)
  • Centurion (Knights)
  • Highlander (Vikings)
  • Aramusha (Samurai)
  • Shaolin (Wu Lin)
  • Zhanhu (Wu Lin)
  • Gryphon (Knights)
  • Kyoshin (Samurai)