How to run in AEW Fight Forever

Andrew Highton
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Running and sprinting in AEW Fight Forever opens up a gateway to many new moves. If you’re looking to expand your arsenal or simply close down the space to your foe, we’ll get you running the ropes in no time.

AEW Fight Forever is not only a play on wrestling words, as Jon Moxley would say – it’s a paradigm shift. For years, just like in real life and on TV, WWE has been the unapologetic powerhouse of professional wrestling. An unstoppable juggernaut with all the momentum of a runaway freight train…that is until AEW came along.

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Business mogul Tony Khan, also the owner of England’s Fulham FC as well as the Jacksonville Jaguars, is single-handedly tackling the WWE empire. After several years of successful AEW programming on worldwide TV, the company is now launching its first game – AEW Fight Forever.

Lots of the core gameplay mechanics will be familiar to long-time wrestling fans. One such feature is the ability to run or sprint. However, it’s not completely clear how to do this though in the game. If you’re struggling or simply need a refresher course, read on for an easy solution.

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How to sprint in AEW Fight Forever

Using the default control settings, AEW Fight Forever players need to hold the circle button on PlayStation, B on Xbox, A on Switch, or the matching prompt on PC to sprint in the game.

The designated input might not be intuitive to your gameplay, so you can always change it. Once you’ve got it nailed down though, as we’ve said, you’ll be able to deliver running attacks to devastate your opponent or simply chase a fleeing enemy.

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Nimble athletes such as Rey Fenix and Jungle Boy thrive on their aerial movesets and ability to zip around their environment. Alongside snazzy new moves, you’ll be able to ascend the top rope much quicker too!

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