How to get Fireproof Plastic in Once Human

Jessica Filby
Once Human Fireproof Plastic

Some resources can be pretty elusive in Once Human, despite their multiple uses. Fireproof Plastic is one such item.

Sure, Once Human has some great multiplayer combat elements, but it’s hard to ignore the inherent crafting mechanics laced within the adventure. After all, to get the ideal gear and weapons, or even the best base, you need to craft. For that, you need multiple resources, which can be a pain to get hold of.

Fireproof Plastic is one of those items and can be pretty elusive to many players. So, with that in mind, here’s how to find Fireproof Plastic in Once Human.

Where to find Fireproof Plastic

Fireproof Plastic location Once Human

Similar to Refined Parts, you’ll only be able to get Fireproof Plastic in Iron River. However, the resource is also only found by disassembling Scraps.

Thankfully, while the Iron River does say you need to be a minimum of level 21, it’s purely a recommendation. So you can run in and grab resources, just be careful if you’re a lower level as the enemies are more powerful.

When you find yourself in Iron River, we recommend heading to the coordinates, 4973, -4489. This will lead you to the Highland buildings, which have plenty of loot in them. Just be careful of the enemies residing there.

How to make Fireproof Plastic

Fireproof Plastic Once Human

With tons of Scrap in your inventory, head back to your camp and head into the Disassembly Machine. As previously mentioned, you’ll get Fireproof Plastic by disassembling Scrap in Once Human.

We’ve found that Gel, Note Boards, and Sports Water Bottles grant Fireproof Plastic, with each granting three, while the Note Boards grant one each. However, there will be many more Scraps that grant the resource, so it’s worth grabbing as much as you can.

That’s how to find Fireproof Plastic in Once Human. While you’re preparing to head into the Iron River, keep an eye out for Tin Ore, or check out how to play with your friends by changing worlds, so you can have a few extra eyes during your hunt.

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