How to use Stardust Resonant Filter to farm Starchrom in Once Human

Melvin Mathew
Stardust Resonant Filter in Once Human

Stardust Resonant Filter is a craftable item in Once Human that allows you to farm Starchrom. However, using this item triggers certain things you must be aware of.

Starchrom is one of the currencies in Once Human that you can gain by completing various in-game activities. You can farm this currency by using the Stardust Resonant Filter, which purifies Cortex to give you Starchrom.

Once the purification process starts, you will get a timer and you will have to take out the specified number of enemies in that time. The more items you purify, the more enemy waves you will have to take out.

How to use Stardust Resonant Filter

Stardust Resonant Filter in Once Human
The Stardust Resonant Filter has a purification limit of 40 items per week.

To use the Stardust Resonant Filter, place a Cortex in the Purifying Vessel and press F to Purify. This will begin the purification process, as you will have to take out waves of enemies to gain Starchrom.

Cortex comes in three levels and the higher the level, the more waves of enemies and the number of elite enemies you will have to deal with. However, higher Cortex levels will also give you more Starchrom.

You can only purify 40 items in a week. This limit is refreshed every Monday, so it’s best to exhaust the limit each week to get the most number of Starchrom.

How to craft a Stardust Resonant Filter

Crafting a Stardust Resonant Filter in Once Human
It’s advisable to build some kind of foundation around your Filter to protect it.

To craft a Stardust Resonant Filter, here’s what you need to do:

  • Head to an area away from your base so you don’t risk getting your base destroyed in the purification process.
  • Press B on the keyboard to open the Building catalog.
  • Select the Facilities category, then select the Functional category under it to find the Stardust Resonant Filter.
  • You can then place the Filter wherever you want and build a structure around it to protect the Filter during the purification process.

That being said, you will need a bunch of items to craft a Stardust Resonant Filter:

  • x20 Glass
  • x30 Metal Scraps
  • x20 Rubber
  • x10 Copper Ingot
  • x10 Acid

Now you know how to use a Stardust Resonant Filter to get Starchrom in Once Human. If you wish to travel the world to collect items to craft the Filter, you can check out how to fast travel. You can also take a look at how to claim Once Human Twitch drops to get some free goodies.